OLPII082 Six Top Tips for Product Marketing for Your Business with Tim Forrest

This week’s Influencer Interview is with Tim Forrest.  Tim is a food marketing and distribution consultant and is expert in all areas of product marketing.  He explains his top six tips for product marketing for your business; product marketing, promotions, samples, photography, sales presentations and success with 3rd party sales teams.

Influencer Interview; Tim Forrest


Tim Forrest





In this Episode we discuss:

  • Why you should physically understand your products
  • Be able to explain why your products meet your client needs
  • Why Tim has a Product Marketing Sheet Check List
  • Why you should NEVER lower your price for promotions
  • What is a 50,000 unit sample plan?
  • Why your growth rate is dependent on your 50,000 unit sample plan
  • How to lay out a Sales Presentation
  • Can you explain what your product will do for your customers product category?
  • Why you need to show how your product can improve your client’s profitability?
  • What you should have on your business card and why?
  • How to work with 3rd Party sales teams

Find Out More

You can find out more about Tim by visiting his website – http://timforrest.com

You can find out more about Tim’s amazing photography at http://www.islandsunrises.com

You can find Tim’s Youtube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/forresttimothy