HaveYouSeen How to Make Money Online Doing What You Normally Do with Ben van Rooyen

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Ben van Rooyen, Founder and CEO of HaveYouSeen.com, a new disruptive commerce site which enables you to make money online while just doing what you normally do!  HaveYouSeen is a very powerful tool to take all your favourite items from all over the internet and create shoppable collections to view later or share with others. Make sure you download the Experts’ Guide to HaveYouSeen.com which you can do by clicking on the link below.

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Ken Allen Morris really gets under my skin | OLPII084

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Ken Allen Morris interviews me!  We have a discussion which covers some of my backstory, what my Six Minute Strategist brand is all about.  I share my views on Online Education and Online Course Creation.  Discover too my favourite brands, why I am passionate about learning and teaching.  I share my favourite quotation and a brilliant book which you probably have never heard of!

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OLPII083 From Teddy Bears and Stinky Cakes to an Entrepreneurship Academy with John Sortino and Mychal Connolly

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with John Sortino and Mychal Connolly, the founders of the Cambridge Entrepreneur Academy.  Both John and Mychal have founded previous businesses, John the Vermont Teddy Bear Company and Mychal a company called Stinky Cakes which he founded with his wife.  Together John and Mychal have a huge amount of Entrepreneurship experience and we discuss their stories and their experience in this stimulating interview.

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OLPII082 Six Top Tips for Product Marketing for Your Business with Tim Forrest

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Tim Forrest.  Tim is a food marketing and distribution consultant and is expert in all areas of product marketing.  He explains his top six tips for product marketing for your business; product marketing, promotions, samples, photography, sales presentations and success with 3rd party sales teams.

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OLPII081 Six Things You Wish You Had Known About Show Business with West End Stage Star Daniel Koek

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Daniel Koek, a star of the West End Stage, Actor and Singer.  We met Daniel at a recent private event and he kindly agreed to an interview for the podcast.  We discuss the business of Show Business and the six things he wishes he had known about the business when he was starting out.

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OLPII080 – Learn about Collaborative Consulting with William Buist

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with William Buist.  William specialises in Business Clarity using his Collaborative Consulting approach and has helped innumerable businesses over the years to grow and become more successful.  William shares some of his strategies for running a mastermind group and explains how you can put yourself in the same position to become an influencer within your network

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OLPII079 How Angus Ferguson created DemiJohn – the Liquid Deli – from an Idea in a German Farmers Market

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Angus Ferguson, the Founder of DemiJohns – the Liquid Deli.  Angus, a former army officer like me, got the idea from a German Farmers’ Market back in the 1990s and when he left the Army, he was inspired to set up DemiJohns.  The company sells hand made liquers, oils and vinegars.  Angus first came across the idea in Italy when he was living in Naples as a Student and then saw it again in Germany when he was in the Army.  Customers would bring their own containers to be filled when buying locally made wines.  Angus and his wife, Frances, founded the business in Edinburgh in 2004 and have never looked back. And yes, they ship world-wide.  Don’t forget to use your DemiJohn “10% off your first purchase coupon” which is below.

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OLPII078 – Jared Easley is Podcasting Good to Great with co-host Ani Alexander

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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Jared Easley with the support of co-host for this episode, Ani Alexander.  Jared is the co-founder of Podcast Movement, a US Conference focused on Podcasting and also the author of “Podcasting Good to Great – How to Grow your Audience Through Collaboration”.  It was great fun to co-host this episode with Ani Alexander, the host of the Write 2B Read podcast and I hope you enjoy learning from both Jared and Ani.  One of the most inciteful things Jared says in the interview is “Don’t over think Perfection, it will ruin you every time!”

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OLPII076 Money Making Millennial Dynamo Jonah Wilson Engages Overdrive

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 This week’s Influencer Interview is with Money Making Millennial Jonah Wilson, teenage entrepreneur and podcaster.  I met Jonah online through Meron Bareket’s Podcast Incubator and have really been enjoying Jonah’s Money Making Millennial podcast.  In this interview Jonah shares his experiences and some of his setbacks.  He is a real influencer, not just for his generation but for everyone and I hope you learn some thing from him and come away inspired too!

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OLPII075 Simon Knapp from the Cherished Ideas Podcast interviews The Six Minute Strategist


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This week’s Influencer Interview is with Simon Knapp the host of the Cherished Ideas Podcast.  Simon actually asked to interview me, which is what happened but I thought the exchange of ideas would be helpful to the Online Learning Podcast Community and so I am delighted to be sharing it with you.  Simon is passionate about independent entrepreneurs and freelancers and this certainly comes across in our discussion and on the Cherished Ideas Podcast.  We have a really fun discussion and share some important and helpful points and ideas.

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