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Influencer Interview

This week’s Influencer Interview is with Bill Nowicki, a former US Navy Submariner.  Bill has had a fascinating career in the Nuclear Industry. He has now started a podcast – Submarine Sea Stories – and is planning to develop this into a Podcast Network, a very progressive and interesting idea.

I enjoyed talking with Bill, finding out about people who have influenced him and hearing his story from working in an ice cream parlour to being a Nuclear Plant inspector.


Bill Nowicki

In this Interview We Cover:

  • Bill’s background in the US Navy Submarine Service
  • Why Bill is now embracing the Online World through his Podcast
  • Why Bill and I are both “super boomers”
  • Meron Bareket’s Podcast Incubator Community – You can find out about Meron’s Podcast Incubator Group here (affiliate link)
  • The power of online communities for building real relationships
  • Bill shares his take on the word “Influencer”
  • Bill has been influenced by his previous Capital on the USS St Pauls
  • Find out why Bill’s Captain believed that he would succeed when he left the Navy and what happened to the note Bill wrote him from College
  • What has Bill learned from Meron Bareket about the mindset of the Entrepreneur
  • Find out what Bill discovered about himself and his Podcast guests when he started interviewing them – Bill loves stories and particularly wants to share the experience of being in the military and what that means in the context of business and life after the military
  • Understand why Bill wants to set up a Podcast Network for former military veterans
  • Find out what Bill learned from his Podcast Guest who served on a Ballistic Missile Submarine and the power of life transformation
  • Find out why Bill nearly got to the point of giving up on his podcast but then why he didn’t and how he launched and succeeded
  • Why does Podcasting get Bill out of his comfort zone and keep him young
  • Find out why Bill does not recommend taking advice from non entrepreneurial people about launching his podcast


Find Out More

You can find out more about Bill by going to his Podcast Submarine Sea Stories in iTunes by following this link.

Visit Meron’s website – http://meronbareket.com here.  Meron’s Podcast, Inspiring Innovation Podcast – can be found on iTunes here

If you are a Veteran, please check out my Veteran’s Special Edition of my Podcast at https://jbdcolley.com/olp019 – where you will find 12 great free courses to help you with your transition from the Military to Civilian life.

Matt Young did Bill’s Intro’s.  You might like to use him for your Podcast – you can find out about him here – www.mrmattyoung.co.uk.  Matt’s website is here – www.theytalkforaliving.com

If you want to contact Bill, he is happy to receive emails from you – billnowicki[at]me[dot]com


Bill Nowicki Podcast

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