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Influencer Interview

This week’s Influencer Interview is with Rob Walch.  Rob is the VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn and when I decided not to set up a separate Podcast for my Monday Book Review and closed that Podcast account, Rob reached out to me to ask me if everything was OK with the service from Libsyn.  Of course, it was but in making the connection, I invited him on the the show and this Episode is definitely a must listen show if you host with Libsyn!

This is really an amazing Episode which I am sure you are going to get a massive amount of value from – Thanks Rob!



In this Interview We Cover:

  • What does the Word Influencer mean to you?
  • The advantages of hosting with Libsyn
  • The Flexibility of the Libsyn Billing Programme
  • What does Libsyn mean by Destinations and what does this mean for Publishing Your Podcast
  • How you can schedule the publishing of your Episode to these Destinations including your WordPress Blog, Facebook
  • How to get the most out of the Embedded Wizzard Player which you can share with your guests to get more downloads from their audience
  • We discuss some of the Key Settings for Publishing an Episode, including the quick publish widget in Dashboard
  • The Benefits of adding a bespoke Thumbnail to each Episode
  • Rob talks about how to add extra RSS Tags to your Podcast Episode (which I did not really understand)
  • The Benefits of using the Libsyn RSS Feed (and how Libsyn doesn’t try to tie you in)
  • Why you should NOT host your Podcast on your Blog Host
  • Categories Work well in the Libsyn Blog Page – http://jbdcolley.libsyn.com (it needs some prettying up!)
  • How to get the Most out of using Tags and why one of your generic tags must be “Podcast”
  • Why it is critical to get your rating correct in iTunes, unless you want to get kicked off iTunes
  • How to customise your Social Messages to Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin when you publish a new Episode
  • The Benefits of the Scheduling System
  • How to monetise by having a Premium Membership for your older Episodes or for Specific Episodes by charging your Audience a Subscription Fee
  • If you want to consider Advertising on your show, Rob explains how it works
  • We discuss some of the characteristics of the Libsyn Advance Stats (subject to the plan you are on)
  • Where are you getting your downloads from – and as important, where are you not getting downloads!
  • How to get your Smart Phone Apps – email Rob – rob[at]libsyn[dot]com.  You can find an example of this by downloading The Feed App from the App
  • How to create a mobile Podcast using the Bossjock Studio and publish from your iPhone to Libsyn
  • How to use your iPad to record Podcasts using a Belkin Powered Hub (need a powered USB Hub to power a larger mic). The ATR2100 Mic can be connected directly to the iPad
  • Parting advice on How to Grow your Audience and why your Audience is critical to growing your Audience


Find Out More

You can find out more about Rob by going to his Podcast all about Matters iOS – Today in iOS which is available in iTunes here

If you want to contact Rob, he is happy to receive emails from you – rob[at]libsyn[dot]com

Rob’s Son Porter has his own podcast (aged 6) which is called Porter’s Podcast and you can find it here at www.porterwalch.com and here is the iTunes Link – Definitely download this Podcast, subscribe and leave Porter a 5 Star Rating and a Review

The Feed is Libsyn’s own Podcast which can be found as an App in the App Store.

If you want to work with Libsyn to help you set up Apps for Smart Phones, email Rob at rob[at]libsyn[dot]com

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