Ken Allen Morris really gets under my skin | OLPII084

This week’s Influencer Interview is with Ken Allen Morris interviews me!  We have a discussion which covers some of my backstory, what my Six Minute Strategist brand is all about.  I share my views on Online Education and Online Course Creation.  Discover too my favourite brands, why I am passionate about learning and teaching.  I share my favourite quotation and a brilliant book which you probably have never heard of!

Influencer Interview; Ken Allen Morris of the Dumb Teacher Podcast interviews Me!


Ken Allen Morris








In this Episode we discuss:

  • My backstory in the military, corporate finance
  • My passion for learning and teaching
  • Why the Six Minute Strategist Methodology does everything in sixes
  • My favourite brands
  • My favourite quotation from the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst
  • A brilliant book you should read (and probably have never heard of)

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