Podcasting On Spotify in 2020 | How to Submit Your Podcast to Spotify

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Podcasting On Spotify
Why Spotify is a critical channel through which to broadcast your Podcast
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Spotify has over 250 million listeners across more than 75 countries worldwide just waiting to discover podcasts like yours.
The second most popular place to listen to podcasts in the world
This makes it a must have listing for your Podcast.

Spotify made its Podcasting ambitions clear in 2019.
They acquired two podcasting netwoks – Gimlet media and Parcast
They also acquired a company called Anchor that offers easy to use podcast creation tools.
This spending spree set them back around $400m.

Spotify is now signing up exclusive deals with big podcast shows like “The Ringer” and Bill Simmons flagship show.
They recently signed an exclusive deal with Podcasting giant Joe Rogan and his show “The Joe Rogan Experience”

This does not mean that you have to sign an exclusive deal nor are you likely to be offered one
But Spotify is no longer a platform you can ignore for your podcast.

However, while Apple has led the field, their approach has been very hands off.
Spotify is likely to want to recoup their investment with advertising which opens up the opportunity to monetise your show in the future.

Advertisers will pay anything from $18 to $50 per 1,000 listeners in a show.
Joe Rogan reaches 190 million downloads, thats $3m in ads per month!

So how can you get your show on Spotify.
Well, the good news is that its not difficult.

Every major podcasting host will have the ability to connect your Podcast to Spotify.

This is my Libsyn Dashboard for my Online Learning Podcast
You can see clearly that Spotify is listed as a destination and I simply have to click and create the connection to Spotify.

Once this is done all you need to do is go over to Spotify, create an account on Spotify or login and claim your Podcast
Let me show you how easy that is…

Firstly we need to log into our Spotify account or create a new one if you don’t have one

Next you will be asked for your RSS feed so that Spotify can link to your podcast. So we hit the Get Started button.

Spotify will ask you for your RSS feed which you can get from your Podcast hosting site. You need to paste it into the box…

Here you can see that I have pasted in my link and Spotify has found my Podcast. This is because it was submitted from my Podcast host.

Spotify asks me to confirm that this is my Podcast – which I am pleased to say that it is.

Now Spotify wants me to verify that the Podcast is mine by sending me a code to my email address. This takes about a minute to get in your inbox.

I hit the green button to confirm that I want them to send me the code.

This blank box appears for me to input the code that Spotify has emailed me.

Now Spotify asks for some basic information about my Podcast – Where its made, the language its in and the primary category of the podcast.

They then ask me to add up to three sub categories to make the podcast easier to search for. I selected just two; educational and courses.

Before you hit the confirm button Spotify gives you a chance to confirm the details you have entered.

Then thats it. I am in. My podcast is now owned by me and I can access information and analytics on Spotify.

You can see it in my Catalog here. That is the process for signing up and claiming your podcast.

Once your show is up and running you will need to grow your audience and this will take time
In the meantime there are other ways to monetise your podcast through your audience, on Spotify and elsewhere.

Consider the following:
Increasing the sale of your existing products and services
Coaching – based on your increase credibility
Affiliate marketing
Books and audiobooks – spun off from your podcast
Virtual Summits.
There is so much you can do.

So thats it
A quick look into Podcasting on Spotify
How to do it and why you should be doing it today
Don’t forget to subscribe and drop a thumbs up if you find this video helpful

So thats it
A quick look into Podcasting on Spotify
How to do it and why you should be doing it today
Don’t forget to subscribe and drop a thumbs up if you find this video helpful

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