Six Minute Strategist Book Review New Rules of Marketing and PR, David Meerman Scott


If you are new to Social Media and are looking for a holistic primer, a broad informative overview – look no further than David Meerman Scotts new book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR.

David’s updated New Rules of Marketing and PR is both a good read and an excellent reference book.  A foreword from Robert Scoble, the Scobleizer – is a great vote of confidence and a brilliant way to kick off the narrative.

For me the Table of Contents is evidence we are in for a treat.  Laid out over 6 pages, it is a well organised road map to Social Media and PR.  Each section of the book is consequently easy to find and reference.  When you are faced with a challenging issue or a question, you know exactly where to look for it.

Who should read this book?

In my opinion, anyone with an interest in New Media marketing.  More importantly if you are currently engaged on a project, this book provides some great ideas for broadening your strategy or campaign.

The book is also valuable for enterpreneurs seeking to make more of a marketing impact on a limited budget.  Social Media requires an approach that embraces all its aspects in a coordinated and deliberate manner.  Having your own website is crucial but reaching out in an organised manner to other platforms and communities is critical to making an impact.

The Chapter headings include:

  • How the Web has changed the rules of Marketing and PR
  • Web Based Communications to Reach Buyers Directly
  • Action Plan for Harnessing the Power of New Rules

You can find the full table of contents list on Amazon here…

My copy of the book is now littered with yellow stick tabs marking sections that I want to revisit and take action on.  To make this easier David has extensively referenced URLs to enable further follow up of the examples and tools he discusses.

What is more David Meerman Scott practices what he preaches.  I reached out to him, as I was finishing the book, so say how much I was enjoying it and he replied to me within the hour.

The New Rules of Marketing and PR are a handbook to Social Media that I will be keeping on my desk, at least until he produces version 3.0!

David’s website can be found here.    The affiliate link to the book on his Amazon is here.  I hope you find it as useful I have and certainly will continue to do in the future.

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