Small Business Growth? Its Time to Accelerate!

Small Business Growth - Its Time to Accelerate!


This week’s post is all about the GrowthAccelerator Programme which  English SMEs really cannot afford to ignore!



I recently attended a Seminar to learn about the programme and I have come away very enthusiastic about the Government/Private Enterprises Partnership.

Enthusiastic about a Government backed programme – that really is a FIRST for me!

Start by watching my introductory video…

What is GrowthAccelerator?

A simple question – Do you want to achieve 20% Growth Year on Year?

GrowthAccelerator is a programme designed to help your business become a high growth business.  Working with a nationwide group of experts, they create a unique programme tailored to the needs of your business.

Everything the programme does is focused on a single goal: Fast Growth!  This is why it requires a personalised approach and why the programme works with over 800 experts with a broad array of skills and experience.  Together, you can discover new insights into your business to enable you to accelerate your growth.

The objective of the programme is to double the size of your business in three years?

Are you up to that?

Are you ready to achieve your Business Ambition?

Are you ready to get a different perspective on your business?

Are you ready to focus on clear business objectives?

Does  your business Qualify?

It doesn’t matter what stage your business is at.

Can you answer “Yes” to these four questions?

  1. Are you determined to Grow?
  2. Is your Company registered in England at Companies House?
  3. Do you have less than 250 Employees?
  4. Do you have less than £40m Turnover

What does the Programme cover?

GrowthAccelerator focuses on four main areas:

  • Business Development (Coaching)
  • Access to Finance (Coaching)
  • Commercialisation of Innovation (Coaching)
  • Management and Leadership Development (Training – Matched Grants)

The Programme delivers a combination of one to one coaching and masterclasses.

In addition, there is the opportunity to get matched funding up to £2,000 per individual for Management and Leadership Development training.  This can involve anyone in your business in a senior managerial position and is not limited to Board Directors.

What if I don’t know what I need?

The GrowthAccelerator Programme focuses on 10 core business areas:

  • Business Strategy
  • Cash
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Leadership
  • Access to Finance
  • Innovation
  • People and Staff
  • Operations
  • Sustainability
  • Change Management

In the initial phase, Programme Managers work with you to establish what you and your business needs and then draws from the network of over 800 experts to match your business requirement with the right expert for you.

Business Development

The GrowthAccelerator Programme provides bespoke business development and coaching and support from specialist growth experts.

The benefits to your business include:

  • Developing a clear growth strategy aligned to your particular needs
  • One to One Coaching
  • Masterclasses
  • Support to ensure your growth plan is adopted and implemented
  • Tailored support to develop business capabilities

Focus areas include: sales, marketing, access to finance, innovation, operations, change management, recruitment and logistics.

Access to Finance

Getting access to finance is a critical area for growth companies and in todays market, can be harder than ever.

The programme helps you to ensure that your are properly organised and prepared when you seek finance and that you are made aware of the alternative forms and sources from which additional capital can be raised.

The Benefits include:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your business’ suitability and potential for raising finance
  • The development of the necessary building blocks required for attracting investment

One to One Coaching and Masterclasses to help your make your business “Funding Ready”

Commercialise Innovation

Innovation is a diverse and complex subject. If your business is developing new products and services are you creating scalable, repeatable process and systems to enable you to achieve the growth you are capable of?  Do you have a business model which ensures that your innovation leads to increases in sales and profits?

If you are making investment in innovation, are you taking the necessary steps to protect your intellectual property also known as “IP”?  This part of the GrowthAccellerator programme helps your business to build and maintain a culture of innovation.

The benefits to your business include:

  • Learning to commercialise ideas
  • Develop innovation strategies
  • Generate profitable IP
  • Leverage partnerships with financial organisations to source advice and funding for innovation projects

The programme provides one to one coaching and a series of masterclasses to help you commercialise your IP.

What does it cost?

GrowthAccelerator is a partnership between Private Enterprise and Government which means that the service is kept affordable.  With the Government investing with you in your business, the commercial cost is considerably reduced.  What you pay is directly in proportion to the size of your business.

  • 1-4 Employees = £600
  • 5-49 Employees = £1,500
  • 50-249 Employees = £3,000
  • In addition, a VAT charge of £700 is payable as HMRC attributes a value of £3,500 to the programme.  If you are registered for VAT you can obviously include this in your VAT returns.  If you are not VAT registered and you cannot claim it back you should view this as part of the cost of the programme.

How Can I Find Out More? GrowthAccelerator Challenge!

Find out if you could benefit from the GrowthAccelerator Programme.  Follow this link to select one of 10 Topics and see if you can answer “Yes” to all Six Questions. If you can’t then your Business might benefit from the GrowthAccelerator Programme and you should call me.

Take the Next Step…Take the GrowthAccelerator Six Question Challenge


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