Startup to CEO – Company Valuation

Have you always wondered how Warren Buffett (and others) have been so successful valuing companies over the past fifty years?

Well, its not all about value investing (although we will get to that)!

If you are or hope to work in one of these careers, Company Valuation is non negotiable knowledge you must have!

  • Financial analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Venture capitalist
  • Private Equity professional
  • Startup Entrepreneur
  • Equity Analyst
  • Finance Manager
  • Investment Banker

Watch this video to see what I am talking about

This is your opportunity to understand Company Valuation in my new online course: Start Up to CEO – Company Valuation – Click on this link to discover more

We have divided this course into six sections:

  • Introduction & Principles
  • Asset Based Valuation 
  • Market Based Valuation 
  • Intrinsic Valuation 
  • Advanced Valuation 
  • Results Presentation 

You can find out how the course is organised by watching this video:

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I understand if Company Valuation seems like a daunting subject, it really does not have to be.  I have been an investment banker since 1988 (don’t count!) and love sharing my knowledge and experience with you.

This video gives you a big picture overview of investment banking!

In this course you will discover:

  • What is meant by Valuation
  • The difference between Value and Price
  • Key Principles in Valuation, including Intrinsic Value and Time Value of Money
  • Cost Valuation and under or over valuation with Tobin’s Q
  • The Role of Ratios in Comparative Valuation
  • Comparable Company Valuation – “Comps”
  • The Dangers of Rule of Thumb Valuations
  • Precedent Transactions Analysis
  • Economic Value Added and Market Value Added

Then in the comprehensive Discounted Cash Flow Sections (a course within a course) which is a close study of Intrinsic Valuation, you will discover:

  • Introduction to Discounted Cash Flow and what we mean by Present Value
  • Understanding Free Cash Flow in DCF Valuation
  • A Strategic Analysis of Business Drivers
  • Calculating the Discount Rate using the CAPM and WACC
  • Risk Measurement and the Cost of Capital
  • Discounted Cash Flow Modelling
  • The Dividend Discount Model (Gordon’s Growth Model)
  • Ability to Pay Analysis
  • Sum of the Parts Analysis

We then go on to discuss more advanced topics in Valuation which will set you out from the crowd

  • Complexity in Corporate Finance Valuation
  • Valuation in Mergers and Acquisitions Transactions
  • How to value Private Companies (3 different ways) and why its so difficult
  • Warren Buffet and Value Investing 
  • Margin of Safety
  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis
  • How to be your own Value Investor
  • Valuation in the New Economy – valuing Internet Companies
  • How to value a Startup 
  • How to Present Your Valuations in a Football Field Graph

If you are still not sure, watch another video from the course as I explain how to value an eCommerce business

This course also includes a series of “Mini Models” in Excel for you to download and work with.

These include:

  • Ability To Pay Analysis.xls
  • Basic Discounted Cash Flow Model Example.xls
  • Case Study Apple Book Value Per Share.xls
  • Cash Flow Valuation 3 Measures Model.xls
  • Comparable Transactions Model.xls
  • DCF and EVA Check Calculation.xls
  • eCommerce Valuation Simple Model.xls
  • Football Field Valuation Graph.xls
  • Football Field Vertical Graph Model.xls
  • Margin of Safety Calculator.xls
  • Score Card Startup Valuation .xls
  • WACC Exercise.xls

PLUS Every Slide Deck in the course is available to download!

Why should you choose this course?

Company valuation is a core topic for every finance professional.  You simply cannot afford NOT to know this topic.

What makes us qualified to teach you?

This is a Company Valuation course taught by a 30+ year, Managing Director level, Investment Banker – taught from a practical perspective

Our Promise

I have been teaching online since 2014 and am fully committed to it.  If you have any questions about the content or anything related to any topic, you can reach out with your questions at any time and I always do my best to respond promptly

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