What are the Benefits of the Six Simple Strategic Steps?

You’re a very busy person, why bother with all this continuous learning palava?

Work Smarter = Get Richer

The purpose of the programme is to provide you with management tools and strategies to improve the management of your business and ultimately to help you generate more revenue, more profits and greater wealth.  This is the origin of my tag line – Work Smarter to Get Richer.  Simple.


The first step of the programme is the foundation phase.  This enables you to take an audit of the assets at your disposal so that you can harness them in later stages.  The importance of the structural review of the business combined with the due diligence check list enables you to assess the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats – SWOT – facing your business.

If there is something broken or that needs to be addressed this is the time to do it. In a sale process nothing damages value or trust than finding a problem that has not been resolved.  If you look down the telescope to the sale of your business, avoiding this pitfall can save you a significant part of the value of your business – assuming the sale process survives at all.

Lets work together to get the house in order.


This phase helps you to run your business efficiently.  If your business has been running for a while, you will have built up capital and working assets in the business.  I want to help you get more out of these.  If your turnover is £1,000,000, your creditors could be 28 days to 42 days of revenue ((1,000,000/365)*28) to ((1,000,000/365)*42).  Your debtors might be 2 months of revenue (1,000,000/6) and your stock could be 1/4 to 1/3 of revenue.

These are considerable sums.  If you are running an overdraft it may be possible to reduce this by squeezing out some of the cash tied up in the working capital above.  If you improve the terms of your debtors or creditors and make your stock management more efficient, you can generate a cash windfall from the business.


While you may have developed your business with marketing campaigns, we help you to take a much more strategic assessment of your customer base.  While new customer acquisition can be expensive (do you know exactly how expensive?), selling more to existing customers or selling high priced products and solutions to the same customer base can be highly rewarding.

We also take steps to look at the online world of inbound marketing and how you can use this to accelerate the growth of your business in a very cost efficient way.

Capital Raising

Raising capital is complex and time consuming.  If you have completed the first three steps of the programme, you will be well equipped to approach investors in an effective way to raise capital.  We help you with the preparation of the documentation and plans you will need to present to investors and help you through the fund raising process.  If you raise capital on the wrong terms, at the wrong valuation or from the wrong investors, your day to day life can become a nightmare and the value you surrender to the investor on exit can cost you thousands.


Make no mistake, acquisitions are a high risk strategy.  This step of the process teaches you how to manage an acquisition strategy and help to reduce the risk of buying the wrong company or managing the post acquisition process badly.  A botched acquisition can set your strategic plans back several years and can wipe out profits, cash and value.


After doing all this work, you should make sure that your business sale process maximises the chances of getting the return you deserve on the hard work you have invested in the company.  This may have taken you 20 years to achieve.  Making sure that you get the best deal you can when you sell your business is critical to your life style and freedom following the deal.

The Six Simple Strategic Steps to SME Success is a programme that offers you incremental benefits as you move through the programme, each step improving your business, its growth, its profits and your wealth.  The programme further leverages this benefit over time.  With each year that passes you can compound the benefits of the programme as you grow your revenues and profits incrementally from year to year.

With this in mind shouldn’t you get started straight away?

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