6MS Episode 61 Would you like to Share some App Man Secrets?

Would you like to share some App Man Secrets?


I recently met Simon K Williams, Founder of AppMan Secrets and Author of Rich App, Poor App and he kindly came in to record a podcast interview.

At the end of the interview he has an Amazing time limited offer on the Secret App Formula 12 DVD Box Set – for the Six Minute Strategist Community which I have set out on this blog post below.

If you are interested in producing your own commercially successful mobile Applications, this is Not to be Missed!

This is the longest podcast I have done, primarily because my guest was so entertaining and providing such great value.

He explained the background to AppMan Secrets, his company which enables first time Moblile App creators to get it right and avoid many of the pitfalls that new App creators fall into.

In the Podcast Simon discusses the Architecture of Product Development for small businesses and shows how small businesses often make their greatest return from their second generation products, which are often in a completely different market sector to their first generation product.

You can listen to the interview below.

Rich App, Poor App

Simon’s book covers all the steps you need to consider when creating an App, including some very useful templates.  The chapters include:

  • Avoid rookie mistakes
  • Know your niche
  • Know your customer
  • App Principals
  • App Architecture
  • Dry Product Testing
  • Secret App formula
  • Blast marketing
  • Refine your App

If you would like to buy Simon’s book it is available on Amazon and there is a link (affiliate) below:

Secret App Formula 12 DVD Box Set

RRP £1597.00  Time Limited Offer* Only £597.00!! ($948.00)

Yes – I want to buy it now! – Take me to App Man Secrets Now!

Please tell me more! Take me to the Six Minute Strategist Secret App Formula Page

App Man DVD Course

 * 25th December 2012

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