10 Golden Rules – Rules OK!

10 Golden Rules Internet Marketing Podcast is presented by Jay Berkowitz and is an absolute must listen podcast for anyone interested in internet marketing.  Over 49 episodes (todate) Jay has delivered consistently great content, great tips and call ins but above all really interesting and helpful interviews.  Many of his high profile guests develop their own 10 Golden Rules on some aspect of marketing and this becomes a great take away.

The first two episodes set out Jay’s 10 Golden Rules of Internet marketing and these should be your first stop.  Warning – you will find yourself listening to the next 47 episodes in quick succession and at an hour or so each this is two days of information rich listening ahead of you.  I know – I have.

Some of my favourite episodes are Episode 5 – 10 Internet Marketing Tips for Small Business, Episode 14 – 10 Golden Rules for Promoting a Blog, Episode 15 The Ten Golden Rules of Networking and Episode 19 An interview with Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and 10 tips to start your own podcast.

Jay’s Team at 10 Golden Rules also do a “live from the blog” segment most weeks which has some really useful tips pointers and ideas.

Jay has a 10 Golden Rules Blog which goes back to 2006 and has some amazing content.  check it out here.

As if this was not enough, this year Jay has started a great community at the Internet Marketing Club – the place for internet marketing and learning.  There are some interesting groups there including a new one on plugins which I have already found really useful – this is moderated by Tim Utzig who has posted some great check lists.

As you can see I am a great fan of Jay’s team, work and content.  I have learned a great deal from him and I am sure you will to0.

Full Disclosure – I have no financial relationship of anykind with 10 Golden Rules.  I am recommending the podcast because I have learned a lot and want to share this with you.