Cheat Sheet: 24 Tips for Creating High Converting Lead Magnets – Fast!

24 Tips for Creating High Converting Lead Magnets - Fast!.001

Do you find it hard to get your Lead Magnets to Convert?

Do You Struggle to get more subscribers from your readers?

What is the point of driving all that traffic to your Site if they Don’t Subscribe?

50 Titles Cheat Sheet

Yes! Send Me My Cheat Sheet – “50 Titles To Help You Create Amazing High Converting Lead Magnets” – I want to Improve My Conversions and Get More Sign Ups!

I know I do – or did until I came across an amazing blog Post from Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Blog (which is here by the way)!  The great thing is it had 241 comments (last time I looked) with masses of informed comments from the folks at Leadpages.

Why did this Resonate?

The SPI Podcast episode was with Clay Collins, Founder of Leadpages.  He was talking about how you create great titles to get your audience sign up to your free giveaway in return for their email address. The problem was the 241 comments which contained amazingly great ideas but took a LONG TIME to go through!

Problem Solved!

I went through them for you and have distilled some of the best ideas into this Post as a guide – How to Create High Converting Titles! (So my Thanks to Pat, Clay and the amazing SPI Community)!

Here is my Cheat Sheet of 24 Tips for Creating High Converting Lead Magnets! – Fast

1. Keep your titles short – condensed titles are more impactful and if under 140 Characters, you can Tweet them too

2. Make Sure You Capture the Key Points in your title:

  • What are you giving away
  • How many points (specific numbers are good)
  • The Price – FREE (demonstration of value)
  • Simple/Easy/Quick
  • Include a Hook – Intrigue or a Benefit
  • Have a Call to Action

3.  Calls to Action are essential – Download, Grab, Claim

4. Types of Lead Magnets

  • Check List – around a specific problem/idea
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Resource Guide
  • A Transcript of a video or a podcast
  • A Quiz, with a link to a download for the answers
  • A Report
  • A Plan
  • A Template
  • A Tool or a System they can use in their business
  • Survival Guide
  •  A Case Study
  • A One Page PDF that breaks down the Essence of your Blog Post
  • Create a Manifesto
  • Buyers Guide

5. Make your offering Specific – make sure they know what they are being offered: number based, ease of use, actionable result!

6. Use Capital Letters for the start of each word to make the sentence stand out more; include a bold colour too – more eye catching; Red or Blue, which is often associated with links

7. Make sure your offer is Evergreen

8. Can you make your title intriguing? How can you “Hook” your reader into wanting to click on your Subscribe Button?

9. Create amazing Graphics to support your Lead Magnet offer – check out the free resource at

10. Try to address objections in your title, which will make it more likely that your reader will click on your offer

11. Always split test your title, your description, your button, your colours – but not all at the same time.  This is very easy to do with Leadpages Landing pages as it is built right in – You can find Leadpages here.

12. Consider setting up a separate list for this opt in and then work up a short auto responder sequence, offering more value, tips and downloads, which then ends in an offer to buy from you

13. Vary your lead button Text: “Yes! Send Me My Free Guide Instantly” – but “Sign Up To Our Newsletter” is a bit old hat now!

14. Sometimes emphasise the negative for impact – “10 Reasons Why Your ******* SUCKS!”

15.  In the script before your Lead Button, make sure you explain briefly:

  • What your Lead Magnet is
  • Why they should download it
  • What Benefits it offers them

16. Position your offer at the top and bottom, and for a long post, consider putting a third opt-in in the middle.  The readers who get to the bottom of your post are the ones who are most likely to convert however.

17. Numbered Lists are always a winner – people respond to them

18. Make your titles Engaging, Specific and Relateable

19. Make a Lead Magnet that is Universal and which you can use with any Blog Post

20. If you have an eBook as your lead magnet, offer a chapter and not the whole book, which perhaps your reader can buy from you if they really like it.

21. Pose a Question – a challenge or a problem your reader might be having – and then solve it with the lead magnet

22. Don’t be afraid to offer a discount or a deal in return for signing up and downloading a really valuable lead magnet.  Just remember that you are starting your relationship with this reader and it is often better to offer something for free at this point

23. Becareful how you use the word “Hack” – it means different things to different folks and some of these meanings are not positive.

24. Tone down the use of ALL CAPS in titles on emails as they sometimes trigger spam filters!


34 Examples of Trigger Words to increase your conversions

  • Bonus
  • Download
  • Free
  • Easy
  • Do It Your Self
  • Simple
  • Step by Step
  • Exclusive
  • Cheat Sheet
  • Check List
  • Resource Guide
  • Free Report
  • Viral
  • Sneek Peek
  • Secrets
  • Winning
  • Discover
  • Researched Backed (only when it is!)
  •  Grab
  • Claim
  • Quick
  • Actionable
  • Secret
  • Tricks
  • Tips
  • Profits
  • Instantly
  • Ultimate
  • Today
  • Fatal
  • Mistakes
  • Lessons
  • Discover

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