6MS Eye Piece 15 Sep 2011 – Still Playing Catch Up!

There was an interesting article on the FT website yesterday.  “Intel and Google form Android Chip Alliance

In short it seems that Intel is teaming up with Google – another vote for Android – and moving away from the once nearly ubiquitous Wintel alliance.  This leaves Microsoft and its new but not yet launched  Windows 8 platform weakened.

What strikes me as significant though is that although these announcements purported to show both Intel and Microsoft (at separate developer conferences) becoming more competitive in the mobile space, Intel is not launching new products until the first half of next year – for which read no sooner than the 2nd Quarter next year.    We understand that Windows 8 is still a year away.

While these announcements are interesting in the sense that alliances are shifting, this all looks like good news from the Apple perspective.  In my view (and I am an Apple Fan and product user) the competition for the iPhone is still weak (although the open source Android system is getting wide adoption) and to my mind this just shows that the competition is still playing catch up!

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