6MS Eye Piece 16 Sep 2011 – LinkedIn and Facebook Partnership?

I saw an interesting post at ZD Net’s US site which picked up on a surge in LinkedIn’s stock price (up 3.4%) on 13th September 2011.

The market rumour was that Facebook and LinkedIn were going to announce a partnership, probably around a job finding service.

With 750 million people on Facebook and 100m on Linked in that could be a very interesting platform particularly when you combine the social graph information held by the two networks on their users.

However, with Facebook’s privacy issues always a concern for me, I have a posted quite a lot of my CV information on LinkedIn and am quite active there. I have kept Facebook very much at arms length and for friends and family only.  Do I want Facebook to have access to all my LinkedIn data?  What will it do with it?  Will it ask my permission?

I think this is one to watch closely and may not be a marriage made in heaven?  In my view social networks need to chose their dancing partners very carefully!  What do you think?

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