6MS Eye Piece 17 October 2011 – Have you got a NutKase?

When I was up in London last week, my friend Tom Bate was kind enough to give me a new case for my iPad2 made by a small company in Italy, called NutKase

The NutKase Executive case has all the benefits at the front of the “Apple” cover – it folds and it puts the iPad to sleep when you close it.

It addresses however the glaring short coming of the Apple iPad cover – it also protects the back of the iPad.  It is made of leather and is really well finished.  To cap it, there is an X shaped handle at the back which makes it easy to hold one handed.

I like it a great deal.  You can find out more about the products by visiting NutKase’s Facebook page here and you can follow them on Twitter at  http://twitter.com/#!/NutkaseforiPad.   If you are interested to order a case you can email the company at  nutkaseproducts@gmail.com.

Full Disclosure – I have no relationship with the company of any kind – I just really like the case and want to promote a small, young company.  Go and check them out!!!

Thanks to Tom for the gift and also for introducing me to a great startup company which I will watch with interest!

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