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How Many Terabytes of Data do you have in your business?

How do you Access it?

How do you Understand it?

How do you find what you NEED when you NEED it?

How do you organise documents, audio, video, geospatial data, Images?

How do you tie your data into external data feeds, web 2.0, social media?

If you are struggling with any of these questions or the answer is “Call the IT Department!”, then welcome to the world of the Visokio Omniscope, a powerful new desktop application which enables users to navigate and interact with a wide variety of digital information; documents, video, images, geospatial information and web content.

When you start with Visokio, you can either open an existing file or build one using the DataManager interface.  This is quite literally a “drag and drop” environment, no coding with the software doing all the hard work in the background.  You have the ability to configure your files as you would wish but the heavy lifting is done for you.  Don’t take my word for it watch this five minute video, introducing DataManager…

OK!  You have downloaded your data into the Omniscope, what now?  Watch the next video and learn how versatile this desktop application really is!  This shows how easy it is to work with your data and produce a report.

You can learn more about the Visokio Omniscope by going to their website www.visokio.com.  You can download the latest professional version of the software for FREE on a 30 day trial which will allow you to create visokio .iok files which can then be read by anyone who downloads the free viewer.  The software runs on either Windows or Mac.

If you would like an introduction to the company, please email me and I can put you directly in touch with the Company’s CEO.  (Full disclosure – I do have an affiliate relationship with Visokio).  I would be delighted to discuss the merits of the software directly with you to help you evaluate whether it can be helpful in your business – contact me – all my information is here.

Alternatively you can contact them directly here.  It would be really nice of you to mention that I sent you 🙂

This is an application that I have used for several years and am continually amazed as it has evolved into a real Enterprise Business Intelligence Tool sitting right on your desktop (or laptop).  I think it is really incredible, what do you think?

Over the next six weeks, in addition to my normal Eye Pieces, I am going to post bonus Eye Piece posts – every Wednesday – with further Omniscope Videos for you to enjoy!

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