Are You Strategic about Social Media?

are you strategic about social media

This has been a busy week with a speaking engagement at Salisbury Big Business Event.  I would like to thank everyone involved for making it a great event and I really enjoyed meeting a wide range of business people, exhibitors and other speakers.



Karren Brady, an eminent British business woman and Deputy Chairman of West Ham Football club gave a very inspiring keynote on her experience as a woman in the business of Football.

In case you were unable to make the event, I would like to share with you my thoughts about Social Media Strategy and how to use Social Media Marketing to really engage with your customers.

My talk was entitled “How NOT to be the next Comet – Marketing in the Connected Economy“.  Comet was an electrical retail business in the UK which lost its connection with its customers and went bust.  It metamorphosed from being a retailer to being a high street show room for Amazon.

I have made a 12 minute video, embedded below, in which I have covered all the main points from my Presentation and below this you can download the slides which are on Slidedeck.

The full slide deck can be downloaded from Slideshare and is provided for you below.

Marketing in the Connected Economy from jbdcolley

Comments following the Presentation

Here are a few of the Tweets and Comments I received following the presentation:

“If you are looking for a superb strategist, tutor and social media expert, John would be a great asset to help make the most of your business. John is personable and a professional, I cannot reccomend him enough.” Eliot Jones, President, Salisbury Chamber of Commerce

@personnelplace Very welcome, thanks for yours! Really enjoyed today’s presentation at SBBE.

@futrsocial thank you very much for a extremely informative and engaging talk yesterday!

@personnelplace Morning John – many thanks again for yesterdays seminar – such useful advice that I will be putting into practice!

@tylrsguesthouse Good presentation today @SalisburyBBE Thanks to @jbdcolley

@puncturesafew Very stimulating and thought provoking presentation you gave this afternoon at BBE Salisbury

@simonwardphoto A great talk from @jbdcolley about ‘How Not To Be The Next Comet’

@eliotcjones Great to listen to @jbdcolley @SalisburyBBEcorporate strategist, blogger and social media specialist. Thank you John for your advice

@wiltshirehour @KenziaDigital @SalisburyBBE How remiss of me ! Apart from previous mentions, credit due to @jbdcolley for his sound advice.

Kenzia Digital Salisbury Presentation – 12 Ways to be more Effective with Social Media Marketing

Amanda Kennedy from Kenzia Digital, a fellow speaker at the event, has kindly given me permission to share her complementary presentation which covers 12 specific pieces of advice on how to be more effective in Social Media Marketing.  You can also find Amanda’s presentation on Slideshare here.

Salisbury Big Business Presentation from Kennedy PR

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What are the Benefits of Twitter?

What are the benefits of Twitter?


What are the Benefits of Twitter?

In the last post in this series, I discussed the Benefits of a Social Media Funnel.

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Coure Logo Images.004


In this post, I want to move on to look at some of the Social Media platforms and I want to start with Twitter.

Here is the video….

Twitter needs to be an important part of any integrated Social Media Strategy.

Its unique format means that you can have a conversation – due to the limit of 140 characters

You can listen to the conversations of those you are following and, just as importantly, you can listen to what others (including your customers) are saying about you, your company and your products and services.

The scale of the platform means that there is an incredible diversity of conversations going on all the time and when you combine this with the platform’s search capability you can use it to keep yourself informed on a wide variety of topics.

Taking the search capabilities a step further, you can use the platform to research topics as so many tweets link to great content which has been posted out on the web.

You can use Twitter as a syndication tool for your own content sharing blogs, podcasts and videos to name but three.  Twitter is also very good at sharing pictures.

Finally, as you can follow an initial limit of 2,000 other Twitterers with very few limitations, you can search for people who are relevant to your business and extend your network by following and conversing with them.

I hope you find this discussion helpful.

If you would like to know more you can contact me directly for a no obligation discussion to see whether I can help you with your Social Media Strategy.

You can reach me by email at jbdcolley[at]aol[dot]com or call me on my UK cell phone +44 7813 672 612.

In the next video in this series I am going to look at the Benefits of Google+

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Would You Like to Know More About Online Social Media Sales and Marketing?

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The Financial Times Asks an Expert!


I am very grateful to Jonathan Moules, the Enterprise Correspondent of the Financial Times, for asking me to contribute to the Entrepreneurship Section in the Money Supplement of the Saturday Edition of the paper.


Jonathan has written a piece on MixPixie – an online service which enables you to customise a CD which they then produce and send to the recipient of your choice. Jonathan explains how the business was set up by Buffie du Pon, Adam Goodyer and James Perkins as a result of a misdirected valentines present – a CD which was posted through Buffie’s letter box by mistake.  You can find MixPixie’s site here.

The company’s challenge is how to scale its business in a market where sales of CDs are declining and today’s conventional wisdom is that music delivery is only competitive online. In my view one of the USPs of this is the Social aspect of the business – the concept that you choose some tracks and design a bespoke CD cover for someone important to you and share that music with MixPixie’s product.

I felt that MixPixie really needs to reinforce this aspect of their business as well as working hard to find scalable opportunities. Using my Six Minute Strategist Methodology, I have set out Six Suggestions which MixPixie might consider to help Scale their business, five of which made it into the Financial Times article.

A Free Smart Phone App– customers can log in, mix and order their CDs from their Smart Phone or Tablet.  In order to make their product easier to access, MixPixie needs to have a “mobile” solution – an App optimised for both smart phone and tablet which would enable their customers to access their site and create a CD without having to go back to their desktop or laptop computer. This needs to be on all the main platforms: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android and Microsoft.   The App itself should be simple to use but should also incorporate some of the Social Media integration discussed below.

Work Directly with Musicians and Bands – a Service to promote back catalogues or “Special Mixes” for Festivals; the Bands own the rights already.  While Bands are always promoting their latest recordings, MixPixie would enable Bands to produce limited edition releases of their back catalogue which could be sold at special events, such as Gigs or Festivals. If the Bands produced these in limited numbers and signed some of them, they would make great collectibles for their fans and offer MixPixie an entry to a new market.  As the Bands already own the rights to the tracks, the project could be cost effective for both sides.

Corporate Customers – Companies are always looking for original ways to promote themselves to their clients and, in my view, a carefully selected mix of tracks at specific events could provide a very unique and appreciated gift.  This could be volume business for MixPixie and once the relationship was initiated, the CD could either be remixed for each event or the order simply repeated.

Digital Download Bonus – While I appreciate the USP of MixPixie is the CD, the real value in my view is the personalisation of the gift.  For a small additional fee, the customer could enable a digital download so that he/she could get a copy of the tracks.  It may be that this counts as two licences and may therefore only be available to the person to whom the CD is being sent.

Social Sharing on MixPixie – Social Media was made for this. Music and Sharing.  I would suggest that MixPixie have a one click enabling button so that you can share your music selection and occasion category on their site.  When new customers come seeking music for their gift occasion, they will be able to see what other people have chosen in the past.  This could be sortable by artist, songs and most popular selections to make it more useful.  This should encourage other to use the service.

Pinterest – This new and highly visual network would be the perfect place to encourage customers to post their CD designs on Occasion based Boards on  This does not necessarily need to include the personal messages but would encourage sharing and give customers ideas for gifts and designs.  Pinterest is a highly viral site and this would also increase awareness of the service as each cover pinned can be linked back to MixPixie and encourage new customers to come over and find the site.

At present there is also a great SEO advantage to Pinterest.  If you put a link in the description this gets full Google Juice back link benefit for the site.  Pinterest is currently Page Rank 6. This is entirely white hat and as Pinterest becomes an increasingly important site in Google’s eyes, this benefit will only improve over time.

They have first mover advantage and need to capitalise on it.

Vinyl next please, Miss Pixie?

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Do Your Customers Trust You – Check out my Guest Blog Post for Jeff Sheehan


I am thrilled to share with you that I have posted another guest blog post, this time at Jeff Sheehan’s excellent Sheehan Marketing Strategies Blog.

Jeff is one of the world’s top followed B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals on Twitter specializing in Technology,  Integrated Marketing & Social Media. Jeff offers value to his clients as a Marketing Consultant And Speaker. He is focused on helping businesses, professionals, non-profits and individuals maximize their marketing presence, market share, and sales revenue potential by leveraging multiple sales and marketing tools including the most relevant Social Media developments.

Jeff can be reached at the email

I made this video to introduce the post, I hope you enjoy it.

Do go and visit his site and check out the post and let me know what you think.

My thanks to Jeff for the opportunity to guest post on his site.

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6MS What is a Small Business Social Media Strategy Part 1

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10 Steps to Beginner Brand Building from Stealthmode Partners

Twitter is a great source of information and content.

This is amply demonstrated by this tweet from my friend Francine Hardaway (@hardaway) at Stealthmode Partners.

My new post.10 Steps to Beginner Brand Building

I followed through the link and really enjoyed reading the content.  In essence Francine provides 10 Easy Steps to engaging on Social Media and beginning to build an online Brand.  If you are new to Social Media and engagement is high on your 2012 New Years Resolution List – then I strongly recommend this article to you.   The full link is at

I was really fortunate to meet Francine and her partner at Stealthmode Partners, Ed Nussbaum in London before Christmas.  I subsequently recorded an interview with Francine for my podcast – A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist which you can find on iTunes at

I am delighted to announce that the interview will be posted on Monday 9th January 2012, so if you are reading this after that date, do head over to iTunes and check it out.  Francine is incisive and very well informed.

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6MS What kind of Sports Car are you?

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How Many Terabytes of Data do you have in your business?

How do you Access it?

How do you Understand it?

How do you find what you NEED when you NEED it?

How do you organise documents, audio, video, geospatial data, Images?

How do you tie your data into external data feeds, web 2.0, social media?

If you are struggling with any of these questions or the answer is “Call the IT Department!”, then welcome to the world of the Visokio Omniscope, a powerful new desktop application which enables users to navigate and interact with a wide variety of digital information; documents, video, images, geospatial information and web content.

When you start with Visokio, you can either open an existing file or build one using the DataManager interface.  This is quite literally a “drag and drop” environment, no coding with the software doing all the hard work in the background.  You have the ability to configure your files as you would wish but the heavy lifting is done for you.  Don’t take my word for it watch this five minute video, introducing DataManager…


OK!  You have downloaded your data into the Omniscope, what now?  Watch the next video and learn how versatile this desktop application really is!  This shows how easy it is to work with your data and produce a report.


You can learn more about the Visokio Omniscope by going to their website  You can download the latest professional version of the software for FREE on a 30 day trial which will allow you to create visokio .iok files which can then be read by anyone who downloads the free viewer.  The software runs on either Windows or Mac.

If you would like an introduction to the company, please email me and I can put you directly in touch with the Company’s CEO.  (Full disclosure – I do have an affiliate relationship with Visokio).  I would be delighted to discuss the merits of the software directly with you to help you evaluate whether it can be helpful in your business – contact me – all my information is here.

Alternatively you can contact them directly here.  It would be really nice of you to mention that I sent you 🙂

This is an application that I have used for several years and am continually amazed as it has evolved into a real Enterprise Business Intelligence Tool sitting right on your desktop (or laptop).  I think it is really incredible, what do you think?

Over the next six weeks, in addition to my normal Eye Pieces, I am going to post bonus Eye Piece posts – every Wednesday – with further Omniscope Videos for you to enjoy!

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6MS Eye Piece 13 Oct 2011 Real Time Hangouts – a Real Plus?


Mashable ran an interesting piece by Mark Jeffrey, serial entrepreneur, podcaster and novellist.  Entitled The Return of Real-Time Social Environments  in which  he highlighted the recent arrival of a series of real time platforms for social interaction.

He references Shaker , an avatar based chat room, and, both of which focus on shared  media consumption, music and YouTube videos respectively.

From a business perspective, I think the most interesting development is the Google+ Hangout which now includes shared whiteboards and shared desktops.   With modern band width, this really presents a challenge to paid solutions such as GoToMeeting, and to Skype, recently acquired by Microsoft.

If you are working remotely, from home or on a business trip, a Google+ hangout is an excellent way to reach out and collaborate with up to [12] colleagues.

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Six Minute Strategist Short Quiz – Do you speak SEO?

As a preface to my next post about Search Engine Optimisation -SEO – I thought it would be fun to set out a short Quiz on the subject so you can see how much you know about the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation. As Google (and other search rankings) become increasingly important, understanding how to get ranked on the first page of a search is critical to converting search enquiries to sales of your goods and services.

There are Six Questions and three alternatives answers each. Mark it yourself or swap with a friend!

Question 1. What is a Back Link?

A. Part of your spinal column
B. A component of medieval chain mail
C. A link back to your website from another website

Question 2. What is Page Rank?

A. The seniority of a member of the Royal Court
B.  A bit like a taxi rank but for Pages?
C. The importance attributed to your website by the Google Algorithm on Scale of 1 to 10

Question 3.  What is a Market Samurai?

A. An economically forward thinking Japanese gentleman from the 18th Century
B.  A killer retailing tactic used by stall holders
C. A complex software programme used in Search Engine Optimisation

Question 4.  What is the “Long Tail”?

A. A 600 page work of fiction about a British boy wizard
B.  Something you find on the end of a cat
C. A retailing strategy, which works well online, of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities

Question 5.  What is a Domain Age?

A. The length of time a country has been established
B.  Something to do with prehistory and the disappearance of the dinosaurs
C. The age of a website’s domain which is taken into account by search algorithms when determining the ranking of the site

Question 6.  What is Black Hat?

A. A common form of head gear among witches
B.  A white hat worn by a coal miner
C. An SEO methodology which is disapproved of by the Search Engines as it attempts to improve rankings using deceptive methods.

My next post will explore some of these important issues and will start with another question:  Who is your most important customer?

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