Six Minute Strategist Short Quiz – Do you speak SEO?

As a preface to my next post about Search Engine Optimisation -SEO – I thought it would be fun to set out a short Quiz on the subject so you can see how much you know about the dark art of Search Engine Optimisation. As Google (and other search rankings) become increasingly important, understanding how to get ranked on the first page of a search is critical to converting search enquiries to sales of your goods and services.

There are Six Questions and three alternatives answers each. Mark it yourself or swap with a friend!

Question 1. What is a Back Link?

A. Part of your spinal column
B. A component of medieval chain mail
C. A link back to your website from another website

Question 2. What is Page Rank?

A. The seniority of a member of the Royal Court
B.  A bit like a taxi rank but for Pages?
C. The importance attributed to your website by the Google Algorithm on Scale of 1 to 10

Question 3.  What is a Market Samurai?

A. An economically forward thinking Japanese gentleman from the 18th Century
B.  A killer retailing tactic used by stall holders
C. A complex software programme used in Search Engine Optimisation

Question 4.  What is the “Long Tail”?

A. A 600 page work of fiction about a British boy wizard
B.  Something you find on the end of a cat
C. A retailing strategy, which works well online, of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities

Question 5.  What is a Domain Age?

A. The length of time a country has been established
B.  Something to do with prehistory and the disappearance of the dinosaurs
C. The age of a website’s domain which is taken into account by search algorithms when determining the ranking of the site

Question 6.  What is Black Hat?

A. A common form of head gear among witches
B.  A white hat worn by a coal miner
C. An SEO methodology which is disapproved of by the Search Engines as it attempts to improve rankings using deceptive methods.

My next post will explore some of these important issues and will start with another question:  Who is your most important customer?

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