6MS Eye Piece 4 Jan 2012 – Mixergy – Mixing it up with Entrepreneurs!


This is the first Eye Piece for 2012 and I want to share with you a great Site and  Podcast that I have found and have been listening to over the holidays that have fantastic content and which I am firmly hooked up to.

I am talking about Mixergy from Andrew Warner.  

Andrew’s specialisation is great interviews with Entrepreneurs.  He gets them to talk about their businesses, how they became successful and often, what mistakes they made.  He doesn’t pull his punches but is respectful while being probing.  He has recorded over 600 interviews which is amazing and as you probably can’t spend the whole year listening to them – although I am tempted – you can scroll through and cherry pick the entrepreneurs or topics that grab you.

Andrew also has a premium membership area on his site where he monetises his expertise through creating courses with many of these entrepreneurs and helps you to learn in more detail.  The smart part of this is that once you sign up for the premium membership ($25 a month, $65 a quarter or $199 a year) you get unlimited access to all the premium content on the site. If that is what you are looking for – thats great – but the free content is really valuable and stimulating.  I recommend it because I use it 🙂

(Full Disclosure – I have no financial relationship of any kind with Andrew, his podcast or his site).

So if you are looking for some Entrepreneurial stimulation to get you going in 2012, check out Mixergy with Andrew Warner

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