6MS Eye Piece 4 Oct 2011 In business are you Sterling Moss or Michael Schumacher?

Are you Sterling Moss or Michael Schumacher?  I am assuming you are a Champion (within your business) but the key question is one of approach

Both men are extraordinary in their field of motor racing.  Sir Sterling Moss was a master of the racing car but essentially drove intuitively.  In the 1950s he did not have access to the telemetry which is available to day.  To make his car go faster was a matter of feeling how the car performed on the track, adjusting the set up (trial and error essentially) and going out there again to see if that made the car go faster or not.

Schmacher was (and still is) the master of detail.  He studies the information generated by the car, with his team engineers and learns from the data.  His is a style based on continous learning in order to continually improve.

Much is written about the annual business cycle, budgeting, quarterly reporting, rewarding results and punishing lack of performance.  But this is not learning management.  Everyday, I believe a CEO, Entrepreneur or Manager should be striving to improve his business by learning, testing, evaluating, looking for new ways to do things – continuously.

This is especially important today where the Internet, Social Media and Technology are changing the way we do business on a daily, if not hourly business.

So I want to stand up for Learning Management and help you to continuously micro-learn (not micro-meddle) within your business to continuously strive to grow, be more profitable and more successful.  Expect me to post more about Learning Management and to find tools to help you stay ahead of your competition.

What do you think?  What is your style?

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