6MS Eye Piece Sep 30 2011; Does this Kindle Fire you up?


Steve Bezos came out with his new “iPad busting” Kindle reader yesterday, the Kindle Fire!

Reuters carried an article on the announcement which you can read here.

Priced at less than half the entry level iPad at $199 Amazon and Apple are all set for the tablet wars this Christmas.  Lets hope he can make enough of them to meet demand – when the first Kindle came out it quickly sold out.

I think the interesting thing here is that we have two closed garden strategies pitching against one another.  Both Apple and Amazon want to sell you a piece of hardware which is the entry gate into their walled gardens of content.  Once you are in, they would both like to lock the gate behind you.

In practice, I can download Kindle applications to my iPad so it is possible to have it both ways.  While I am strong Apple fan, I think this new Kindle is really going to light up the competition and thats a good thing!

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