Six Minute Strategist – The A-Z of the Funding Matrix


In my recent series of posts, I provided some definitions of equity investors and tried to show how they all tied in together.  In this post, I would like to look at the issue from the other side of the coin, so to speak.

I provided this Magic Hexagon info gram showing how these investor types all fitted in together.  The info gram can be downloaded from here.

However, if you are an entrepreneur how do you decide who is right for you?

I have set out below 26 Questions  – A-Z – which are designed to reflect the status of a business.  Have a look and see which ones are most appropriate to your business.

Early Stage

  • A. Do you have a business idea?
  • B. Do you have a market ready product?
  • C. Have you made your first sales?
  • D. Are you close to break even?
  • E. Have you made your first profits?


  •  F. Do you need capital for Capex or Opex?
  •  G. Do you need capital beyond the ability of your existing private investors to provide it?
  •  H. Are your sales growing?
  •  I. Are you looking for capital to make acquisitions?


  •  J. Are you an established business with a founder shareholder who wants to sell
  •  K. Are you an established business with a division you want to sell?
  •  L. Do you think you will IPO within 18 month?
  •  M. Are you quoted but do not want to be?

Special Situations

  • N. Are you struggling with a shortage of capital?
  • O. Are you Loss making?
  • P. Are you considering calling the receiver?
  • Q. Are you owned by a shareholder who wants to exit?
  • R. Do you have a financial investor who wants an exit?

In terms of the Business Lifecycle Curve are you:

  •  S. At the start?
  •  T. Very early?
  •  U. Early?
  •  V. Starting to grow?
  •  W. On the growth curve?
  •  X. Ready to make acquisitions?
  •  Y. Close to an IPO or exit?
  •  Z. In decline

Once you have identified the questions most applicable to your business check them off the top row of the table to see which types of investors suit your particular circumstances.  The table can be downloaded from here.

I hope this was a useful addition to my discussion of types of Private Equity Investors.

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