6MS Eye Piece 3 Oct 2011 – Whats happening to Google+?

What is happening at Google+?  I have two sides of the argument to share with you today – what will you think?

Business Insider reported that in the week after Google+ came out of beta and opened up to the public – it has rocketed to No 8 in the chart of most visited websites in the US.

To keep some context here, Facebook was No 1 with 1.75 billion visits and Google+ had nearly 15 million.  Some way to go then.

In contrast, Business Insider had another article arguing that Facebook was going to beat Google+ hands down.  You can find that one here.  I’ll leave you to check out the article.

It seems that the initial response to Google+ was positive because it was so simple to use (contrast that with Facebook) and basically it wasn’t Facebook.  The key to the future of Google+ is will all your friends move to it because if they don’t it won’t break through

The jury is still out but the platform wars are hot and getting hotter!

Who do you think will win?

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