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Laser Coaching Strategy Session – Try me with a Free 30 Minute Session today

Are you wondering if my coaching is for You?

“Can coaching help me to make my Online Courses more successful?”

I imagine you are also asking, “Is John the ideal person to help me?

Your hesitation is understandable!  Thats why I have come up with this 30 Minute Laser Coaching Session!

As I have shared regularly in my courses and on this website, I love helping students and clients become more successful by sharing my expertise and experience with you to make your courses better and your online courses business more successful!

Why can I help you?

Firstly, three years ago, I was just like you, starting out and not sure what works and what does not work!

Now, having done all the hard work and made many of the mistakes you have made or are about to make, I can save you time and help you to grow your sales and profits faster!

Still on the Fence?

Wondering if my coaching is right for you?

Can’t decide if I am the right person to help you?

Watch this short video from one of my coaching students…

Do I Qualify for a Laser Coaching Session?  What do I have to do?

To Qualify for one of my limited Laser Coaching Sessions you will need to take the following simple steps:

    1. Reserve your 30 minute session using my scheduling calendar

2. 48 Hours before the call, you will need to provide me with:

  1. A course outline of an existing or planned course
  2. Your instructor Biography
  3. A link to an existing course or if you are still in the planning stage a link to a short instructional video or test video
  4. Explain in a few words the biggest problem you are struggling with right now

3. Confirm that you are currently earning at least $500 a month from your online Courses business.

To make this easy for you I have prepared a short form which you can access by clicking on this link.

I look forward to working with you and helping you to become successful with your Online Courses business