6MS – VC Insights: Why VC investing is like Horse Racing

This is a new brief series of brief insights from the Six Minute Strategist Blog which aims to give you an under the skin understanding of Venture Capital Finance. This is about listening to what the VCs are NOT saying and learning to think the way they think. I shall publish these periodically and would be interested to get feed back as to whether these insights are helpful.

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Silicon Roundabout – who’s investing in what?

Wired Magazine’s February 2011 edition has an interesting article on Silicon Roundabout. This nexus of technology and new media startups around Old Street, just to the North of the City of London, has been attracting increasing attention from the media and investors. The essential proposition is that this is a mini-silicon valley start-up hub.

This got me thinking…

Using the list from Wired Magazine’s (have a look here) I thought it would be interesting to see who is investing in what types of companies.

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