Can you find me the Right Investor?

I am asked these questions all of the time as if finding investors for companies was like throwing darts at a dart board; if you hit the bull you get funding, Right?

Well not quite. In this blog piece and the accompanying video, I will try to share with you some of the complexities in the funding process. I want to try to demonstrate that building a systematic funnel is much better than throwing darts!

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Is Venture Capital the most inefficient Capital Market in the World?

If it was as difficult to buy and sell on the Stock Exchange as it is to raise Venture Capital, investors would accuse the more than a technical glitch!

Why is it so difficult? If you look carefully, there is no shortage of capital seeking investments. Furthermore, there are literally thousands of companies seeking funding from Venture Capital investors. And yet finding the right investor, pitching a deal, working the process of committees, due diligence and documentation, takes months and has no guarantee of success!

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Silicon Roundabout – who’s investing in what?

Wired Magazine’s February 2011 edition has an interesting article on Silicon Roundabout. This nexus of technology and new media startups around Old Street, just to the North of the City of London, has been attracting increasing attention from the media and investors. The essential proposition is that this is a mini-silicon valley start-up hub.

This got me thinking…

Using the list from Wired Magazine’s (have a look here) I thought it would be interesting to see who is investing in what types of companies.

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