Do you have an iVideo Hero? Let me introduce you to one!

As you may have realised I have been teaching myself how to make videos with my iPhone as part of the blog since the beginning of the year.

Well I have found a great new source of inspiration in the form of Jules Watkins at who has an amazing CV in television and is a real expert on video. You can find his course here (affiliate link)

He has created a course which teaches you all you need to know to really get the most out of your iPhone using its full 1080P HD camera and I am already trying out some of his ideas.

Check out this video below I have made incorporating a couple of tips from Jules.

If you are interested to get a flavour of what he can do, David Siteman Garland on the Rise to the Top Blog has an excellent interview with Jules which you can find here.  While you are on David’s Site, if you are not familiar with it, spend some time checking out his podcast interviews (audio and video) which you can also find in iTunes here.  I am a subscriber and regular listener.

I have already ordered the Tripod Case that Jules shows in the video. (Amazon Affiliate link)  This case by Glif has a screw attachment which allows you to mount your iPhone on a Tripod which makes filming much easier.  I am also considering buying the Olloclip 3-in-1 Lens system which adds a wide angle lens, a fish eye and a macro lens to your iPhone making it even more versatile.  You can find it on Amazon here (Affiliate link).

So if you see some improvements in my video making you will know where I am getting my information from and you will be able to do this too!

Thanks for joining the Conversation!

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