6MS Episode 60 Google’s Going Social – Are You?


Google's Going Social - Are You?


Google is Going Social – Are You?





I was fortunate to attend a seminar at Google in which there was a fascinating discussion of the impact of Google’s applications for business and the impact that creating an Open, Random and Supportive  (as opposed to a Closed, Selective and Controlling) organisation with Google’s applications at the heart of the business.

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The Google Infrastructure was extremely well explained by Thomas Power, one of the Co-Founders of Ecademy and now a Frontier Coach.

Google’s Social Ecosystem

Thomas summarised on a slide the four aspects of Google Social Ecosystem:

  • Engage
  • Play
  • Work 
  • Empower

I have set out the elements of each of these for you as my original photograph of his slide was not very clear.


  • Google +
  • Profile
  • Circles
  • Hangouts
  • Events
  • Google Groups
  • Google Photos – Picasa
  • Search + Your World


  • Google TV
  • Google News
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Finance
  • Google Wallet
  • Google Credit Card
  • Google Bank
  • Google Maps
  • Google Latitude
  • Google Earth
  • Google Travel
  • Google Glasses


  • Adwords
  • Analytics
  • Apps
  • Mail
  • Calendar
  • Docs
  • Drive
  • Talk
  • Translate
  • Reader
  • Trends
  • Cloud
  • Query (Google Big Data)


  • Google Channel/YouTube
  • Devices – Nexus, Chromebook, Motorola
  • Android
  • Chrome
  • Google Fiber

This provides you with a check list to go and investigate further if you wish after you have listened to Thomas’s presentation.  Read Frontier Coaching’s blog post, Google World Social Infrastructure and get the infographic here.

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