Has Linkedin Missed A Trick? An Open Letter to Linkedin…

Has Linkedin missed a Trick?

I am a firm supporter of Linkedin and find the platform an excellent way to work with my business connections but I do have one gripe?

Let me tell you my story…

Over the 20+ years I have been in business, I have met literally thousands of business contacts and I still have 99% of their cards.

I met many of these people before Linkedin was even thought of and had to rely on a filing system and then software packages like Outlook and Address Book on my Mac.  How quaint I hear you say 🙂  !!!

I am now systematically reviewing my contacts and I am keen to connect with as many of them as I can on Linkedin to make the most of the platform.

The Problem is that many of them have moved jobs – and continue to do so regularly.  If I have their card from their previous job and the email has been disabled (understandably) by their previous employer, then I cannot reconnect with them on Linkedin

Now I have to ask you – Am I missing a Trick?

Is there something I am not doing right?

It would be immensely helpful, in my view, if Linkedin gave us the option of adding our old business email addresses as a means for older contacts to reestablish contact with us.  I know that these email addresses could not be verified by Linkedin but do they really need to be?

As my Primary address has already been verified, Linkedin knows who I am and that these other addresses are useful for contacts trying to find me.

This would of course be an option for me making it easier to be found and would not be obligatory.  I would not have to add these addresses if I did not want to.

From the perspective of someone seeking to reconnect with a former contact, I would be able to legitimately use the address on the business card I was orginally given to make the approach, proving that I had prior contact with the person I am approaching.

I do not believe this is spam nor can I see any reason why the recipient would not want to hear from me.  Indeed, if he does he need only decline the request.

The velocity with which people move jobs will not change but keeping up with them remains a challenge.  I believe that if Linkedin would enable this change it would make it much easier to keep in touch with the business contacts in our network without affecting the overall quality of the Linkedin Platform.

What do you think?

Has Linkedin Missed a Trick? Is there a simple work around to this problem – if there is I would love to hear it? or am I misguided in wanting to make the most of an extremely useful business tool and should not be following up with contacts who have moved on to a new job?

You can find me at  www.uk.linkedin.com/in/jbdcolley

Tell me what you think by leaving a comment below, especially if you work for Linkedin! 🙂

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