This Seven Part Introduction to Social Media Course arose from a Presentation I gave at Tedworth House in Tidworth, Wiltshire to the newly formed Recovery Career Service.  The RCS is an organisation formed to assist wounded, injured and sick servicemen and servicewomen find new careers in civilian life.

They kindly invited me to come and share some of my thoughts about Social Media with them.  I have recorded the audio of that presentation and have pleasure in making it available to you along with the slides so that you can watch and listen to the presentation.

The Slidedeck for the entire Course, can be seen in the frame below:

The Seven Part Course is presented in Six Modules.  You can follow the links to any of the Modules below.  Click on the heading to go to the page for that Module.

Part 1 Introduction and Part 2 Social Media Manifesto





Part 3 The Landscape






Part 4 Strategy





Part 5 RCS Case Study





Part 6 Tools





Part 7 Tips and Tricks





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  1. Great knowledge about social media. It really gave me an idea to mae my social media useful. It would be very interesting for me if I could have marketing strategy specifically for face book


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