My New Udemy Course Really Upset One Of My Existing Students!




Earlier this week I received the following message from one of my students…he sounded really upset!

Can You Confirm That This Is The Complete Programme

“I believe that I purchased the program that is comprehensive, including all levels of the Master Class. I was a little confused by your email announcing the special offer to select from the links that appear as a single title at the beginning of your note from the links with different pricing levels nearer the end of your note based on selecting a specific level of Master Class level.  Would you confirm that this is the complete program – all 3 levels?”

So, when should you stop making courses and adding content?

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When is anything complete?

First and foremost, I want you to be able to achieve an objective by taking one of my Courses.  I work hard to produce the best courses I can.  But I never stop learning and want to keep sharing that knowledge with you.

This has to be structured and has to be evolutionary.  The alternative content strategy would be to wait until I felt that I could learn no more and then produce a fifty hour course and publish it.

This sucks on a number of levels.  

Firstly, how long will it take for me to “Know Everything” about a topic? Will that day ever come?

What is the point of making lecture after lecture after lecture and never getting them out there!

How can I hope to be an instructor if I never publish courses.

So, the consequence is that I will never reach the point of having a complete programme.  There is always more to learn and to share.

I have 44 pages of notes about how to make online courses.  It really depends on how deep you want to go.  I will not stop trying to go deeper and to know more.

Each Course tries to achieve an objective

  • Level 1 = Introduction for Beginners
  • Level 2 = Six Steps – Plan, Produce, Publish, Proof, Promote, Platforms and takes you to the next level across the whole model.
  • Level 3 – is advanced but this latest course only covers Planning and Production (and frankly it does not repeat the how to make a course stuff that Udemy does so well in its own free courses).

Overlap Between Courses – is it OK to put Lectures in more than one course? I think so…

It often makes sense to reproduce some content (a minority of the lectures) in other courses.  Some of these are common courses – “Introduce Yourself” or “Please Leave a Rating and a Review” and some Online Learning Podcasts episodes which are relevant.

I cannot assume that every student will sign up to all the courses – I wish you would but I understand that this is not going to happen.

So was my Student getting good value for money?  I did an analysis of the three courses to look for the overlap between courses – you can see the result for yourselves.

The Level 1 Course is a Lite Intro to Level 2 and only has 4 unique lectures.

The Level 2 Course has 67 unique lectures and shares 16 with with Level 1 and 17 with Level 3 and 7 with both.

The Level 3 Course has 94 unique lectures and shares 1 with Level 1 and 17 with Level 3.  You get the picture.

Udemy Master Class Venn 2

What am I planning?

  • Level 3 – Publish & Proof
  • Level 3 – Promote
  • Level 3 – Platforms and Beyond

And then what? How can I build my own list and business around the foundation stone of my Udemy Courses!  Don’t keep your eggs all in one basket.  Skillfeed closed with six weeks notice.  If I had totally relied on Skillfeed for my income, I would be high and dry.  My strategy is to learn and then to share what I do as we pretty well all want the same – which is to harness the power of the internet to enable us to do one or all of the following:

  • Share our Expertise
  • Find Financial Freedom
  • Become Recognised as an Expert/Authority
  • Make Money Online

I am currently building my own ecosystems for my online business at the heart of which are my business courses and my courses which show what I do.  The new course has 96 lectures which do not feature in Level 1 or 2.  (There are 25 additional lectures which appear in either Level 2 or Level 2 or both – some are “Introduce Yourself” and “Rate the Course” type lectures.

I am even considering retiring the current level 2 and republishing it with additional content in the new year to make the demarcation even clearer (existing Level 2 students will of course be able to transition for free).  Do you think that is a good idea?