Will It Move The Needle? Udemy Goals for December 2015



Udemy Goals for December : Will It Move The Needle?

December 2015 has arrived, all to quickly I feel!  Where does the time go?

I shall soon be reviewing my business progress for the year but before I do that I want to build on November’s results and go out with a bang and not a whimper!

November’s sales on Udemy were my secong best ever at just over $3,100.  I can summarise the month as:

  • 758 paid sales
  • 252 free code redemptions
  • One course with sales > $700

What I am noticing is that, with nearly 26,000 students handing out free coupons for the sake of it is not helping me very much.  I am trying a “Lite” course strategy with my New Course Directory so that students can try before they buy.  You can try it yourself here: https://www.udemy.com/udemy-course-directory-lite.

My best performing courses are my longer more complex courses which suggest that, while prices are not going up, there is a flight to quality.  So now you have to sell your courses inexpensively and make them comprehensive.

So I am setting some ambitious  Udemy goals for December.  I want to do $6,000 in Udemy Sales this month which would be a near doubling of my best month so far.  With 22 Courses this should be achieveable.  I need to average $300 per course over the month or $200 a day in sales.  This will not be easy.

There are going to be two prongs to my strategy. 

Driving organic sales from Udemy by creating long term backlinks and traffic strategies and also promoting my full range of courses in Social Media on a regular basis.

The test has to be: Will It Move The Needle?  Is any particular activity going to help this focus for December? If not, should I be doing it.

I still want to keep to my routine of marketing in the morning and recording courses in the afternoon as I need to keep the content rolling in.

However, I am considering consolidating one or two of my courses in a belief that this may improve sales.  For instance, in November my main Copywriting Course made $251 with 60 new signups but my Copywriting 101 course only made $46 with 22 new signups.  Would I make more than $46 if I consolidated the two.  Alternatively, I could make the Bonus Lecture a very focused upsell to the main Copywriting Course and promote the smaller course at between $1 and $5 in Social Media, a price point where sales do convert.

I am convinced that free coupons are not a good idea and I will be experimenting with different levels of coupons for all my courses on different platforms.

What are you going to be doing this month to “Move the Needle?”

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