Udemy Course: Entrepreneurs Guide: An Introduction to Startups

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As a prequel to my in-depth Udemy Course, The Entrepreneurs Guide to Startup Funding, I have created this introductory Course; Startups in Six Simple Steps: A Startup Business Framework.  You can enroll in this $97 Course for  just $19 for a limited time – join over 3,400 other students learning about Startups!

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This Introductory Course covers 36 Major Issues which are critical to startups.

Take a look at my Promo Video for the Course below:

In the Course, I create a 6×6 Matrix of Topics, which I describe in brief detail, to give you the basics from which to build your knowledge.  You can access the Course by following this link: Startups in Six Simple Steps: A Startup Business Framework.

Through this simple and easy to understand approach, I discuss Six of the most important topics relating to Startups:

1. Market

2. Profit

3. Plan

4. Capital

5. Value

6. Investors

These are shown in the Slides below:

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I have provided a Video of each Topic, with a downloadable Slide Deck in PDF Format. I also include a PDF at the end with a text summary of all the issues covered so that you have a checklist to take away.  The Course should take no more than 45 minutes.

If you want to start learning about Startups, this introductory course is simple and straightforward and will introduce you to 36 of the major topics you will need to learn about if you are serious about Startups.

Six Key Benefits of the Course are:

1. Markets: I help you to understand the importance of ensuring that a market exists for your product before you start

2. Profit: I help you to learn to plan to make profits and cash from the outset

3. Plan: I teach you the importance of making a plan before you embark on your venture

4. Capital: You learn the importance of Cash Flow

5. Value: I explain to you how NOT to get your equity diluted out of sight

6. Investors: If you are going to need them, I explain how to speak their language.

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You can sign up for this course on the Udemy website by following this link: Startups in Six Simple Steps: A Startup Business Framework.