OCI BC Stack Bonus Podcast with Rachel Martin and Dan Morris


Today its my great pleasure to welcome Rachel Martin and Dan Morris to the Online Courses Insider Podcast. Rachel and Dan are the founders of BC Stack, a project where they bundle an amazing array of courses and products into a digital “Stack” and then market this stack globally to a wide audience. I was very honnoured to be invited to participate and had to get them on to the show to share it with you.

If you are a Digital Entrepreneur, is this something you can do?


This Week’s Guests: Rachel Martin and Dan Morris


In this Episode you will discover:


  • A little more about Rachel and Dan
  • How they came up with the idea for BC Stack – and yes, it involves Rachel’s van
  • What BC Stack is
  • Some of the people and products in BC Stack this time round
  • How BC Stack Works
  • How you can make the concept of BC Stack work for you


Link to BC Stack

BC Stack runs from 27th June to 1st July 2016

You Can Find BC Stack here: http://bloggingconcentrated.com/members/aff/go/johncolley/?i=34

Full Disclosure: This is my affiliate link and if you click on it and purchase the stack you will not pay any more but I will benefit – thank you for keeping Henry, my Border Collie, in dog biscuits!

You can find out more about Rachel and Dan:

Blogging Concentrated.com – http://bloggingconcentrated.com

Finding Joy.net – http://findingjoy.net