OEP2 Crowdfunding under a Microscope!

Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 2

Crowdfunding under a Microscope with Andrew Monk, Founder and CEO of ioLight

Crowdfunding on Crowdcube has many challenges. In March 2017, ioLight successfully raised over £300,000 on Crowdcube and Andrew shares this experience with you step by step.

If you are considering your own crowdfunding, you will not want to miss this episode as Andrew is very open with his stories of his experience and provides some excellent advice.

You can download a PDF ShowReel of our conversation here

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Links Mentioned

ioLight web page http://iolight.co.uk/

ioLight YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7dLC89D0PUGQsw52R6Iqw

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Red Book Productions http://www.redbookp