OEP2 Crowdfunding under a Microscope!

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Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast Episode 2

Crowdfunding under a Microscope with Andrew Monk, Founder and CEO of ioLight

Crowdfunding on Crowdcube has many challenges. In March 2017, ioLight successfully raised over £300,000 on Crowdcube and Andrew shares this experience with you step by step.

If you are considering your own crowdfunding, you will not want to miss this episode as Andrew is very open with his stories of his experience and provides some excellent advice.

You can download a PDF ShowReel of our conversation here

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Links Mentioned

ioLight web page http://iolight.co.uk/

ioLight YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo7dLC89D0PUGQsw52R6Iqw

Cambridge Industrial Design http://www.cambridge-industrialdesign.com/

Red Book Productions http://www.redbookp


OEP1 Introduction to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast

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Welcome to the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast!

Optimistic Entrepreneur! This Podcast is focused on you the Optimistic Entrepreneur

This short introduction explains how my podcasts have evolved and why I have now launched my third Podcast, the Optimistic Entrepreneur Podcast!

I started out with “A Conversation with the Six Minute Strategist” which was a great excuse to speak to lots of interesting people that I knew and to get them to share great information.  I really enjoyed it but there were two problems.  It did not really have any focus and secondly it did not tell you who it was for – it sounded like it was all about me.

Then my Online Learning Podcast, almost went the other way.  Too focused.  Again great fun and amazing guests but very Udemy centric which meant that I was spending my time promoting some one else’s brand.  Duh!

Optimistic Entrepreneur

So now, my new brand is the Optimistic Entrepreneur – and that is you!  I want to find people who will provide great ideas, tactics, tips and stories to make you even more successful!

In my first few episodes, you are going to hear quite a lot about equity crowdfunding as I am in the middle of a campaign and it seems to be a great idea to give you a view from the trenches, so to speak.

Watch out for some great Episodes coming very soon with some great interviews with Entrepreneurs, just like you!

Engage with Me!

I would love to hear from you!

What topics would you like me to cover? Perhaps you know someone who would be a great guest on the show?  Maybe that is you?  Reach out and let me know: john[at]jbdcolley.com.

I like to try to record interviews in video as well as in audio so that the interview can reach a wider audience but this does not have to be the case for every episode.

So if you have something to say, let me know!


OCI134 Amazon Video Direct Unwrapped with Rob Cubbon

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Today I am delighted to Welcome Rob Cubbon to the Online Courses Insider Podcast. Rob has been a digital entrepreneur for 10 years and as he freely admits has tried many strategies in his business over this time. Today we discuss the newly unveiled Amazon Video Direct platform and its potential for helping us to grow our businesses.


This Week’s Guest: Rob Cubbon

In this Episode you will discover:

  • What has changed in Rob’s business over the past six months
  • The impact that Udemy’s price change has had from Rob’s perspective
  • The platform’s that Rob currently recommends for his online courses
  • Why its important to have multiple streams of income for your business
  • Why Rob is so keen on Amazon Kindle Books and publishing on the KDP platform
  • How to set up your account on Amazon Video Direct
  • Why Amazon Video Direct is a similar model to the Amazon KDP Platform
  • The difference between standalone, episodic and subscription videos
  • How to get the most out of your video titles
  • The importance of getting keywords into your Video Synopsis
  • The biggest sticking point for most publishers and how to overcome it
  • How to price your video on Amazon Video Direct
  • What sort of videos will work on Amazon Video Direct – and why its counter intuitive
  • Why promoting your video is important
  • Rob’s current three (well actually six) prioritites for his business
  • What Rob thinks about Facebook Live and Periscope
  • How to get the balance right between Content Creation, Marketing and Sales in a Digital Business
  • What Rob has done with Active Campaign to improve his email autoresponders

Find Out More About Rob at:




Mentioned in this Episode:

360 Training: http://www.360training.com

Skillshare: https://www.skillshare.com/home

Amazon Video Direct: https://videodirect.amazon.com

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP): https://kdp.amazon.com

Stackskills: https://stackskills.com

Deal Fuel: http://dealfuel.com

Periscope: https://www.periscope.tv


Josh Kaufman The Personal MBA…a World Class Business Education in a Single Volume – find it here on Amazon.com:


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OLP129 Courses, Tools and Tactics with Paula Guilfoyle

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This week’s Guest: Paula Guilfoyle

Its my great pleasure to welcome Paula Guilfoyle to the Online
Learning Podcast.  Paula is a profile course creator and
educator.  She shares her story with us as well as a whole
load of great tactics and tools which you can use to develop your
online courses and digital entrepreneur business.

Meet Paula

Paula is a Qualified CPA with over 15 years’ experience in the
fields of Accountancy, Business Management,Process improvement,
Internal Audit, Group accountant, Operations management and
Training. All across a broad range of industries and sectors. Paula
has been Key Speaker at many Accounting Events where her talks on
Excel are received very positively. Taken from her experiences in
Accounting and business fields, Paula also has Udemy courses for
those wishing to up skill, especially in the area of Spreadsheets,
Bookkeeping and Accounting.

Now an E-learning Educator 5+ years, Paula also has a focus on
E-learning and online teaching. Drawn from her online teaching
experience,Paula has a number of courses available to online
teachers to help bridge the skills gap for those that teach or wish
to teach online.

You can find Paula’s Courses on Udemy at https://www.udemy.com/user/paulaguilfoyle/

Mentioned in this Episode

Goanimate – https://goanimate.com – Create
Animated Videos for your course or business

Guru.com – http://www.guru.com – Find and hire
talented Freelancers

Cram.com – http://www.cram.com – Find
Flashcards to Study or create your own

eLearningEducators.com – http://elearningeducators.com/ –
free access to courses

Curious.com – https://curious.com – eLearning
platform with a difference

John’s New Webinar Courses

You can discover more about Webinars with my Two Udemy Courses on Webinars

Webinar Success – 55 Ways to Make Even Better Webinars –  currently this is a free course

Webinar Success – How to Write and Design a Webinar – Get 50% Off the Launch Price with Coupon Code OLP50Off or just follow the link

Course Promotion: Since Udemy’s Price
change on 4th April 2016, most of the coupons offered through the
Online Learning Podcast are no longer valid.

the Online Learning Club – my Facebook Group for Online

Online Learning Club

This is my Facebook Group
for the Online Learning Community and you are most welcome to join
us.  Just click on this link to go to the Page and ask to join
the Group.