Online Learning Podcast Episode 025 – Markteting – Chamira Young, Productivity Addict on Email Marketing

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Chamira Young, Udemy Course Creator, Productivity Addict and Founder of, talks about her Free Email Marketing Course

In this Episode I have a great Interview with Chamira Young who has chanelled her creative energy into Udemy Course Creation in the past few months and come up with two great Business Courses on Email Marketing and Website Design.

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In this Week’s Episode:

Interview: Chamira Young

Chamira Young








Spotlight Course: Grow Your Small Business with Effective Email Marketing – $37 – available for $18 using Coupon Code “Onlinelearning” or by clicking this link.

CY Effective Email Marketing





Discount Code: Onlinelearning

Category: Business

Udemy Course Link

Other Udemy Courses:

Easier than WordPress Design Your Business Website – FREE

CY Design your Business Website





This Course teaches you how to use the LightCMS Content Management System.  You can access it (using Chamira’s Affiliate Link) by following this link.

Other Links and Recommendations

John Recommends… Entrepreneur On Fire by John Lee Dumas – this is a fantastic Podcast from JLD who creates a show a day and has conducted some great interviews.  The Entrepreneur On Fire Episode that Chamira refers to is Episode 218 with Justin Mitchell which you can find by following this link.

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Chamira Recommends…Smart Passive Income Podcast by Pat Flynn.  This is an amazingly successful podcast filled with great interviews and great content.  Pat’s Website at Smart Passive is also crammed with great free resources.  If you do benefit from his content, he does enable you to reward him by using his affiliate links.  In my experience, you will want to come back to his site to click on them, even at a later date! I know, I have.

Smart Passive Income






Contact Details:  You can find out more about Chamira by visiting her website at

Marketing Tip of the Week: In this week’s Marketing Tip, I discuss the benefits of cross promotion with other Udemy Instructors.

Free Course of the Week:  This week’s Free Course Recommendation of the Week is “WordPress Essentials for Business” by Mark Beneteau.


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    1. John, thanks for coming over and checking out the site – your kind comments are much appreciated! I have a long way to go from here but find your journey and your amazing content really inspirational!
      Please consider (and I know you are really busy) submitting a Six Minute Interview when you have a moment or two…
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