Online Learning Podcast Episode 060 – Music – Izabela and Mike Russell – Co-Founders of the European Podcasting Conference talk about UKPOD14 and Adobe Audition

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Izabela and Mike Russell, Co-Founders of Europe’s Podcasting Conference, #UKPOD14, explain what Online Learners can gain from coming to the Conference.  Oh Yes! Mike also discusses his Adobe Audition Course and Izabela shares some great advice on the importance of Branding


In this Week’s Episode:

Interview: Izabela and Mike Russell















Spotlight Course:

Adobe Audition CC Audio Production Course Basics to Expert – normally $99 but you can buy this course with 50% off by following this link.  Alternatively go direct to and use Coupon Code “OLP50” to get the same price without going through the Affiliate Programme.

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Other Links:  Mike recommends “A beginner’s guide to mindful meditation” by Julian Illman which can be found here.

Podcasting Microphones

We discussed the merits of different Podcasting Microphones.  These are the ones that I would recommend, at different price points and the Samson Microphone mentioned by Mike.



The European Podcasting Conference – #UKPOD14 (Click to Book Your Ticket – Affiliate Link)

The Conference Website can be found at

You can find out more about the Speakers at the Conference, present company excepted, by following the links below

Joseph Bushnell – He is the creator of 3 online training courses – The Online Marketing Club and The Social Media Marketing Academy. He shows business owners how to use the internet to get leads and make more sales by focusing on these 4 crucial areas of business growth – driving more traffic, increasing conversion rates, maximizing the lifetime value of a customer and getting more of the right things done, faster. Check out his podcast The Online Marketing Show on iTunes here.

Mike Russell – Co-Founder of the Conference at

Jon Buscall –  Jon Buscall is head of JontusMedia, a Stockholm-based digital marketing agency. Co-winner of the Best British Business Podcast at the European Podcast Awards 2011, Jon makes strategic marketing decisions for clients in Sweden, North America and South America, some of which involve podcasting. Jon is guarded by basset hounds.  You can find Jon’s Podcast, Online Marketing and Communications Podcast here on iTunes

Colin Gray – Colin has been teaching Podcasting skills for over 6 years, working with universities to include podcasting in their classrooms and businesses to promote through broadcast. He runs The Podcast Host, a premium hosting & support service which includes mentoring, training courses and 1 to 1 support, and focusses on helping people use podcasts to achieve their working aims.  You can find his Podcast, Podschool – Learning How to Podcast on iTunes here.

Jason Van OrdenKEYNOTE SPEAKER – Meet the Podfather!  Jason Van Orden has a passion for helping you use online media to attract attention, make an impact and get paid to do what you love. He’s co-host of Internet Business Mastery – the first ever podcast launched on the topic of internet marketing. He speaks internationally about podcasting and internet marketing and has spoken at some of the largest conferences in the world.  Jason is the author of the Amazon bestselling book, Promoting Your Podcast. Jason’s book and tutorials have been used as curriculum in numerous university and high school classrooms.  You can find Internet Business Mastery on iTunes here.

To Order your tickets for the Conference, please click on this Link (affiliate link)

Contact Details:  You can find out more about Mike and Izabela by visiting the Music Radio Creative website at

Marketing Tip of the Week: In this weeks Marketing Tip is inspired by Meron Bareket’s interview with Danny Iny which discusses how to grow your community by joining, participating and contributing to other larger, existing communities.  You can find the whole of the Inspiring Innovation Podcast Episode 59 here or by check out the Inspiring Innovation Podcast on iTunes here.

Free Course of the Week:  This week’s Free Course Recommendation is “Email Marketing: How To Build an Email List of Customers” by Rob Cubbon which you can find here.

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