Online Learning Podcast Episode 061 – Make Money Online – Alun Hill shows you how to Master Amazon and YouTube

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(Look out for the Business Book Review and Influence Interviews Below)

Alun Hill, Journalist, Photographer, Small Business Expert, YouTube Creator and Broadcaster brings You a MasterClass in How to Make Money on Amazon and YouTube.  He also has a Course explaining How to Make Money from your Photography.  This is one of the most content intensive interviews I have done and you will not want to miss the opportunity to get great  tips and advice from Alun. 

In this Week’s Episode:

Interview: Alun Hill

Alun Hill







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AH Amazon

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Udemy Course Link

Other Udemy Courses


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AH YT Secrets Make Money from your Own Youtube Videos

YouTube Secrets – Making Money From Your Own YouTube Videos  – Normally $299 but which you can buy for just $19 by following this link

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Contact Details:  You can find out more about Alun by visiting Udemy and checking out his Instructors page here –

Marketing Tip of the Week: In this weeks Marketing Tip I give you some advice on how you can re-purpose your online social proof.

Free Course of the Week:  This week’s Free Course Recommendation is Matt Berstein’s “How to Sell on eBay & Amazon For Beginners Step by Step” which you can find by following this link.

Business Book Review

Featured Book: Virtual Freedom – How to Work with Virtual Staff, To Buy More Time, Become More Productive and Build Your Dream Business



CD Virtual Freedom


Author: Chris Ducker


Website: for the US: for the UK

Influencer Interview

This week’s Influencer Interview is with John Lee Dumas, Founder of Entrepreneur on Fire.  You can find out all about John by going to his website

John Lee Dumas

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