OLP115 Transform Your Confidence and Self Esteem with Joe Parys

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Psychology Instructor, Joe Parys.  Joe is creating some amazing courses in Udemy in the Personal Development category and I am truly delighted that he was able to come on to the podcast and contributed to a really stimulating discussion. I am sure you will agree.

In this Week’s Episode: Joe Parys

In this Episode Joe and I discuss:

  • How Joe was inspired by Napoleon Hill
  • How one of his 16 year old students bought a car after taking his goal setting course
  • How to get genius results by just focussing
  • Learn from Joe about his experience collaborating with other instructors
  • How Udemy has impacted Joe’s offline teaching, coaching and speaking
  • What is Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Why Confidence and Self Esteem are important
  • How to develop your transformational mindset
  • Why the Growth Mindset is important
  • What is meant by the Growth Mindset
  • What Zig Ziglar meant by his Attitude Formular
  • Why Attitude x Effort x Skill = Productivity and why it is transformational
  • What is meant by Emotional Intelligence
  • Why is is important to become conciously aware of your emotions
  • Why what you wear is important for Outer Confidence

How to Find Out More About Joe

You can also find Joe’s website which is www.joeparys.com

You can email Joe at joeparyscoaching@gmail.com