OLP116 Open Coaching Session with Jeremy Deighan


In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Jeremy Deighan to the Online Learning Podcast.  An expert in media, Jeremy is relatively  new to Udemy and we thought it would be really helpful to conduct an open coaching session as a OLP Episode – so here it is.  Jeremy came up with the questions which are below.

In this Week’s Episode: Jeremy Deigan

In this Episode Jeremy and I discuss:

  • 1) What was your first course, and what was the experience like?2) Do you feel it is better to stay in one specific niche, or is it ok to diversify your talents and try multiple niches?Plan
    3) The data from Visokio Omniscope is amazing. I have heard you mention that it also has a high price point. Do you have or plan on creating courses for this software? Do you have or plan on sharing this information either publicly or through a subscription?

    4) When creating courses, do you prefer using your time to create many average quality courses or less high quality courses?

    5)Recently you mentioned changing all of your courses to a fixed price of $19 to match the market of sales from what Udemy offers. Have you seen any change in sales since you made this adjustment?

    6) What is the best strategy for building an email list from someone who currently has no following, no audience, and maybe no website?

    7) Why do you recommend to have multiple Twitter accounts when creating a promotion strategy?

    8) Do you feel that it is better to focus all of your energy on a couple of platforms such as Udemy and Youtube, or put your courses on as many channels as you can find?

    9) How else can I build a brand through multiple networks? I know that you also have social media, podcast, and eBooks. Do you have any other recommendations for getting yourself noticed in the online world?

    10) If you had to start over from the beginning with the knowledge you have now, what would you have done differently?

How to Find Out More About Jeremy

Check out Jeremy’s Website at jeremydeighan.com
Facebook: facebook.com/jeremydeighanonline
Twitter twitter.com/jeremydeighan
Email Jeremy at instructor@jeremydeighan.com