OLP117 Publish My Book Today with Ani Alexander

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Ani Alexander who discusses her new book publishing service, Publish My Book Today which she has founded with previous Online Learning Podcast guest Jyotsna Ramachandran.

In this Week’s Episode: Ani Alexander

In this Episode Ani and I discuss:

  • How she came to be a writer and podcaster
  • How Ani and Jyotsna came to set up their publishing service
  • Why she and Jyotsna decided to offer the most affordable services
  • Why its important for them to publish the book under the Author’s name
  • How to get started with the publishing service [spp-timestamp time=”10:36″]
  • Why the publishing service is completely tailored and bespoke
  • What length should a book be? [spp-timestamp time=”16:00″]
  • Why is proof reading important? [spp-timestamp time=”17:30″]
  • Why do you need to get a book cover designed? [spp-timestamp time=”19:50″]
  • Which publishing platforms does Ani recommend [spp-timestamp time=”22:25″]
  • Does Ani help with the marketing and promotion of the book? [spp-timestamp time=”24:32″]
  • Ani explains how to work with the promotional service Buck Books [spp-timestamp time=”25:35″]
  • Where can you find out about the service [spp-timestamp time=”28:40″]
  • The special offer from Ani is here [spp-timestamp time=”29:24″]
  • Find out about my Coaching Programme [spp-timestamp time=”32:50″]

How to Find Out More About Ani

You can also find Ani’s website which is http://www.anialexander.com: You can get in touch with her here!

You can find Ani’s Podcast, the Write2BRead Podcast on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/write-2b-read-writing-self/id894764419: Don’t forget to leave Ani a Five Star Rating and Review

You can find Ani’s service at http://www.publishmybook.today

Other Places Mentioned in this Podcast

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