OLP118 – New Media Europe Conference – Interview with Izabela Russell

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In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am thrilled to be delivering you a podcast within a podcast. Isabela Russell, co-founder of the New Media Europe Conference, interviewed me for her podcast about my forthcoming workshop at New Media Europe on Online Courses.  I also have great pleasure in bringing you the first Chapter of my first Audio Book which I recently released.  

In this Week’s Episode: Izabela Russell

In this Episode Izabela and I discuss:

  • How I came to gain expertise in creating online courses
  • What is my favourite thing about online courses
  • Find out my number one tip on creating an online course
  • Discover the six steps to online course creation
  • Find out more about how I use new media in my business
  • The power of new media in all its different formats
  • Why you must have calls to action in all your new media content
  • The power of creating complex, connected ecosystems by having calls to action
  • Find out why I wear red shoes to speak at conference

New Media Europe – Manchester, England – 12-13 September 2015

Follow this Link to find out all about how you can get your Tickets to New Media Europe 2015

Ready To Be Heard!

This unique conference is aimed at podcasters, bloggers, social media visionaries, content creators, entrepreneurs, marketing professionals and new media enthusiasts who are looking to up their game through the effective use of new media tools ‒ such as podcasting, blogging and social media ‒ in their endeavours.

During this two-day event, you will have the choice to attend over 24 sessions prepared by some of the best speakers in the world. From general ‘know-how’ sessions and technical workshops to inspiring keynote speeches ‒ you are going to be equipped with the new media knowledge, ideas and inspiration that will make you stand out from others in your niche!

Networking events throughout the whole weekend will enable you to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Top 3 Reasons to Attend:

1. Education. Only the best speakers have been selected to help you stay abreast of the top trends in new media.

2. Networking. You will have the chance to connect with others in your field during scheduled breaks, parties and meet-ups.

3. Inspiration. By collecting ideas and meeting individuals from your area(s) of specialisation, you will be inspired to take action and follow the steps to success.

Who Is Going To Be There?

Rub shoulders with like-minded individuals and experts.

During the New Media Europe Conference in September 2015, you are going to meet other podcasters, bloggers, social media visionaries, content creators, entrepreneurs and new media enthusiasts!

This is the most outstanding new media conference to hit Europe in 2015.

Why Should You Attend?

We have seen how new media can help entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive. This event is your chance to connect with the latest trends, practical tools and most of all, successful individuals from around the globe.

By attending New Media Europe, you will find out why paying attention to new media is the single most important thing you can do this year!

How to Apply for Tickets

Follow this Link to find out all about how you can get your Tickets to New Media Europe 2015 – Don’t forget to use Coupon Code “Podcast” to get 20% of the price of your ticket! (Affiliate Link)

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