OLP119 Your Facebook Challenge Solved with Steven Aitchison

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Facebook expert, Steven Aitchison.  Steven is showing his students how to massively increase their engagement and page likes on Facebook and generously shares is experience with the Online Learning Podcast.

In this Week’s Episode: Steven Aitchison

In this Episode Steven and I discuss:

  • How he came to become an expert on Facebook
  • The 7 most common misconceptions about Facebook
  • How Steven built his list to 40,000
  • How Steven grew his Facebook likes to over 1 million
  • Why Facebook Edge Rank restricts your reach
  • Why you have to be consistent on Facebook to grow your likes
  • Why images with quotes work so well on Facebook
  • Why content marketing works so well with Facebook Advertising
  • How to create “Piller” articles to grow traffic from Facebook
  • How Steven makes over $50k from Facebook
  • How to target your audience to make sales
  • How to sell on Facebook without being salesy
  • Discover the KEY metric you need to understand on Facebook
  • How one students went from 8,000 likes to 58,000 likes in four months
  • How a student took his engagement rate from 10% to 48%
  • Why you have to change your mindset about Facebook
  • How to discover what your audience wants to see
  • How to create videos on Facebook that your audience will share

Find out More About Steven’s Course

Follow this (affiliate Link) to find out more about Steven’s Course or go directly to https://yourchallengesolved.com

Find out More about Steven

Discover Steven’s guided mediation resources at http://www.guidedmind.com

Discover the power of positive affirmations at http://www.99positiveaffirmations.com

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Discover Steven’s Blog at http://www.stevenaitchison.co.uk/blog