OLP114 Side Hustle to Success with Nick Loper

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome the Side Hustler In Chief, Nick Loper.  Nick is the author of Side Hustle Nation and his regular podcast is a must to listen. Nick discusses two of his Side Hustles, his Kindle Book Launch and his Udemy Course, providing some really amazing information for everyone to take away and implement for their projects – make sure you are one of them!

In this Week’s Episode: Nick Loper

In this Episode Nick and I discuss:

  • the integration of online earning and online learning
  • why Amazon is an amazing place to repurpose your course content
  • why ebooks can add authority to your online presence
  • how to launch your ebook on Amazon
  • why Nick started with a free promotion for his first ebook
  • How Nick drove 20,000 downloads for his books
  • How to build in vitality for your ebook
  • How to make the transition to paid at the right time
  • The right price to set your book when you switch it to paid
  • How you book can become a passive income asset after launch
  • How to cross sell between books once you have more than one
  • How Nick launched his Udemy course about the book launch
  • Why you need 1,000 students when you launch your course
  • Why its better to sell as a Udemy affiliate to keep track of results
  • What would Nick do differently when he launches his next course
  • Why Nick sends a personal link to every paid enrolled student

Enrol in Nick’s Courses for just

How to Find Out More About Nick

You can also find Nick’s website which is http://www.sidehustlenation.com

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