OLP121 How Colour can impact your Udemy Courses with Kristen Palana

In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome Kristen Palana, a Professor of Multimedia from the American University in Rome and a successful Udemy instructor. Kristen shares her mastery of colour psychology and explains how you can use colour to effectively stand out in Udemy and make your courses more engaging for your students.

In this Week’s Episode: Kristen Palana

In this Episode Kristen and I discuss:

  • How her Colour Psychology course to help be more impactful
  • How colour psychology can help the way people perceive you
  • Web design course helps you with your website design
  • How you can get to grips with WordPress
  • Her crowd funding experience based on 10 years of experience
  • How imaging and colour psychology can impact your business
  • What colour psychology can mean across borders
  • How gender can affect colour choices
  • How to use colour to affect the way people think about you
  • How to use colour to make your courses more effective
  • How to use colour in your lectures to have a positive impact
  • Where you should use colour in your Udemy lectures
  • Why you should avoid rainbow colours in your text
  • Why red and orange can invigorate your Udemy students
  • The importance of hierarchy in your online text
  • Why you need to avoid lack of contrast on your webpage
  • Why its easier to read black text on a white background
  • How Kristen makes her course images stand out
  • Why Kristen changes her images to contrast with other courses
  • How to make your images stand out to get promoted by Udemy

Find out More About Kristen’s Courses

Check out Kristen on Udemy at https://www.udemy.com/u/kristenpalana/