OLP124 NMEU 2015 with Jelle Derckx, Jonathan Tilley, Katrina Buderuus and Cliff Ravenscraft



In today’s Episode of the Online Learning Podcast, I am delighted to welcome four guests from the New Media Europe Conference 2015; Jelle Derckx, Jonathan Tilley, Katrina Buderuus and Cliff Ravenscraft.  After these great people gave scintillating speeches I was lucky enough to grab them for a few minutes each for an exclusive interview for the Online Learning Podcast

In this Week’s Episode: In this Episode we discuss:

Jelle Derckx

  • How “Think and Grow Rich” inspired Jelle to blog about personal development
  • How Jelle came to create his online course about simplifying your life
  • Offers some advice about how online blogging can help online course creators
  • How to make money with an awesome online blog
  • Why podcasting is such a great way to create a community
  • How to take the answers from interview guests and turn it into a blog article which would be really engaging
  • Why you need to keep blog posts short and punchy
  • Why Jelle is going to create an English course about minimalism on Udemy

Jelle lives in the Netherlands and was born in 1984. Performing has always been his passion and he graduated from Acting College when he was 24. From 24 to 27 he didn’t have a great time and was struggling with negative thoughts about himself and was constantly comparing himself with others.

Jelle decided to make a big break and went to Brazil with a book: Think and Grow Rich. That book changed Jelle’s life and thinking completely. He came back to the Netherlands and made life changes (minimalism) and decided to share it on a blog.

After a year he made a course on minimalism, wrote a book and started podcasting about the topics he was passionate about.

Now, Jelle has two blogs, one on acting and filmmaking and one about personal development and minimalism. Both blogs have a podcast and an email list of 4500 people. Jelle is 31 and he’s living in Amsterdam as an entrepreneur.

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You can find Jelle at jellederckx.nl and http://www.lijstjes.info/

Jonathan Tilley

  • Discover how to cope with failure
  • Find out what we should be doing to cope with failure
  • Why Jonathan enjoys learning from failing in a small way every day
  • Why feeling failure can reduce our daily pressure
  • How Jonathan helped us to feel failure at the conference
  • Discover why Jonathan hates the word “Pivot” in the entrepreneurial world
  • Discover Jonathan’s alternative to the word “Pivot”

Jonathan Tilley writes and speaks about The Creative Process and helps creative people transition into successful freelancers and entrepreneurs at JonathanTilley.com.

Among his many accomplishments, Jonathan is proud to have rolled around on the floor as a cat in his viral TEDx Talk “What Creativity Is Trying To Tell You”. He is also the creator of The Sacred Space Sessions, a 28-day journaling course designed to make participants feel good on the inside and out, and League of List Builders, a 6-week online business course for creatives on how to develop long-lasting, deep, and powerful working relationships. He is the author of the self-published Voice Over Garden, winner of the 2013 Small Business Book Award for Start-Ups, which has been called “a standing ovation” and “quite brilliant” by the voice over industry.

Since 2002, Jonathan also freelances as a voice actor having voiced thousands of corporate narrations and business presentations for companies like Mercedes-Benz, FujiFilm, Porsche, IBM, Siemens, KIA, Philips, BASF and also voiced commercials for Red Bull, Nivea for Men, Google, Sprite, and Coca-Cola.

Before his writing and speaking career, Jonathan could be seen in the blockbuster musicals “A Chorus Line”, Mamma Mia!”, Cats”, “Dance of the Vampires”, and “42nd Street”. He was Assistant Associate Choreographer for the German and Russian productions of “Mamma Mia!” and choreographed runway shows throughout Europe for L’Oreal, Wella, and Intercoiffure. He can also be seen in the movie “Center Stage” filmed in New York City’s Lincoln Center.

Seven random things Jonathan is interested in nowadays: walking his French bulldog Dexter, getting lost in old bookstores while simultaneously being lost in a new city, analyzing the price of precious metals, understanding the multi-layered resiliency of spirit, collecting fake leather biker jackets, building his tribe of creative lunatics, and being a good husband.

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Katrina Burruus

  • Explains the publishing pyramid and how to repurpose content
  • How to create mini books to repurpose content and sell to individuals and companies
  • Create content based on Quotations, How to Do and Why to Do within your expertise
  • The advantages of having a book can lead to passive income
  • Why books lead people to see you as a thought leader
  • Why books can lead to speaking engagements
  • Discusses the difference between horizontal and vertical repurposing
  • How to create a book from collecting quotations
  • The importance of getting approval from people to quote them
  • When the Visionaries are Blinded – Katrina’s new book about leadership coming out in 2016
  • The importance of finding a niche to establish yourself as an expert

Dr. Katrina Burrus, MCC has a proven track record in coaching numerous international leaders including Nestle, Novartis, United Bank of Switzerland, CERN, UNAIDS, United Nations, International Labor Organisation and the World Trade Organisation. Her coaching career has taken her to Europe, Asia and the United States, and she is recognised for her distinctive capabilities with leaders and teams from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds.

As the founder of MKB Conseil & Coaching, Dr. Burrus is affiliated with a network of international experts and scholar-practitioners. MKB Conseil & Coaching specialises in coaching international and highly mobile leaders, including brilliant but abrasive leaders.

Katrina teaches leadership and post graduate courses at various universities and has created a ground-breaking thought leadership workshop titled Global Nomadic Leadership: Succeeding in a World without Borders. She also teaches Executive Coaching and was part of the International Coach Federation (ICF) credentialing committee. She is certified in Coaching Brilliant and Abrasive Leaders by the Boss Whispering Institute.

Katrina is the first ICF Master Certified Coach in Switzerland, founder and Board Member of ICF Switzerland and serves on the Editorial Board of the International Journal of Coaching in Organisations.

She is a Start-Up coach for the Swiss Government and the founder of the Global Nomadic Leadership Institute. Dr. Burrus is the author of Global Nomadic Leaders: How to Identify, Attract and Retain Them and When the Visionary Leader is Blinded. Katrina is a blogger, podcaster, author and launching her own TV show in September.

You can find out much more about Katrina at ExcellentExecutiveCoaching.com

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Cliff Ravenscraft

  • The Podcast Answerman explains how he came to become an expert on Podcasting
  • Why podcasting enables Cliff to influence people in a positive way
  • Find out why we had to move our chairs just as we started our interview
  • Cliff shares his experience teaching people to become podcasters
  • Discusses his Podcasting A to Z course and how he manages the technology to run his course
  • How Cliff manages his questions from his students – and why he creates tutorials to handle FAQs
  • Cliff explains how he runs his course through the year and his business model for his course
  • We discuss Misfits, which was the core topic for his keynote
  • “The Ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the people that do” 1997 Apple Advertisement

Cliff Ravenscraft is the founder of the Generally Speaking Production Network. Together with his wife and a few close friends, Cliff has produced over 3,200 podcast episodes, since December 2005, devoted to entertainment, family, faith, fitness, career and technology.

In January 2008, Cliff left a very successful career as an insurance agent, to pursue podcasting full-time. He felt called spend his life serving the community that had formed around the many shows in his network. Being a husband and father of three, he needed to find a way to produce content, serve his community, and also provide for his family. Cliff focused on successfully generating income through coaching/consulting at PodcastAnswerMan.com. He has helped thousands of individuals and organisations launch successful podcasts though his one-on-one consulting/coaching and through his Podcasting A to Z online training course. If you were to look at the top 100 podcasts in the business category of iTunes, more than 50 of these shows were created by clients who worked with Cliff.

(Thanks to NMEU2015 for this profile)

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