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Online Learning Podcast Episodes

Coming Soon…

Episode 048 – Productivity – Jennifer Bailey, Experienced online and offline Tutor, on Effective Email Management – Coming Soon!


Episode 075 – Clarity, Confidence and Self Esteem with Esther Coronel de Iberkleid

Episode 074- Influencer Interview – Email Lists, Conversions, Lead Pages, Lead Magnets and So Much More with Tim Paige, Conversion Educator at Leadpages

Episode 074 – Monday Book Review – The One Week Marketing Plan by Mark Satterfield

Episode 074 – How to Create an Online Video Course with John Colley

Episode 073- Influencer Interview – International Networking with Serial Entrepreneur Johnny Roberts

Episode 073 – Monday Book Review – Networking is a Contact Sport by Joe Sweeney, with Mike Yorkey

Episode 073 – How to Create Amazing Course Portfolios with Mark Trego from Stone River eLearning

Episode 072 – Bonus Edition – How to Launch a Successful Podcast – John Colley at the UKPOD14 Conference

Episode 072 – Teaching Students to be their Own Teachers with Vaida Bogdan

Episode 071 – Influencer Interview – Libsyn Podcast Hosting – Everything You Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask – So I Did it For You with Rob Walch

Episode 071 – Monday Book Review – The Entrepreneurs Book by Adrian Fleming

Episode 071 – Make Money Online the Low Cost Hustle Way w/ Matt Bernstein

Episode 070 – Influencer Interview – Chris Brogan, Author of Bestselling Book The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth Comes to Share his Influence

Episode 070 – Monday Book Review – Alex Goldfayn, Evangelist Marketing

Episode 070 – From Zero to Geek with the Irrepressible Ben Fhala

Episode 069 – Influencer Interview – Time Hacking with the Founder of the Time Hackers Podcast, Julie Sheranosher

Episode 069 – Monday Book Review – – Steven Pressfield, The War of Art

Episode 069 – How Can YOU make additional Cash by Selling on Amazon w/ Will Pena

Episode 068 – Influencer Interview – Rob Cubbon, Graphic Designer turned Entrepreneur

Episode 068 – Monday Book Review – Joe Puluzzi, Epic Content Marketing

Episode 068 – Publishing – Julia Hidy, Best Selling Author, on Publishing A Book Series

Episode 067 – Influencer Interview – Ani Alexander, Best Selling Author and Host of the Write 2B Read Podcast

Episode 067 – Monday Book Review – John Lee Dumas, Podcast Launch

Episode 067 – Leadership – Pilar Orti discusses her Specialisation, Leadership and Change

Episode 066 – Influencer Interview – Joey Bushnell, Social Media Expert

Episode 066 – Monday Book Review – Clayton M. Christensen, The Innovators Dilemma

Episode 065 – Influencer Interview Kris Reid, Content Marketing Expert

Episode 065 – Monday Book Review – Andrew S Wintson, The Big Pivot

Episode 065 – Educational Psychologist – Dr. Richard Feenstra on Travel Safety Abroad and How to Write an Effective Grant

Episode 064 – Influencer Interview – Tom Cassidy, Reasonable Polymath

Episode 064 – Monday Book Review – Chris Brogan, The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth

Episode 064 –  Business – Sam Atkinson on Building the Complete Business Startup Website

Episode 063 – Influencer Interview – Meron Bareket, Host of the Inspiring Innovation Podcast

Episode 063 – Monday Book Review – Seth Godin – Tribes

Episode 063 – Education – Karina Barley on Innovative Education and the iPad

Episode 062 – Influencer Interview – Chris Ducker, Best Selling Author of Virtual Freedom on Masterminds

Episode 062 – Monday Book Review – David Meerman Scott – The New Rules of Marketing and PR (4th Edition)

Episode 062 – Technology – Michele Berner Demonstrates Pixlr Power!

Episode 061 – Influencer Interview – John Lee Dumas, Entrepreneur on Fire

Episode 061 – – Monday Book Review – Chris Ducker Virtual Freedom

Episode 061 – Make Money Online – Alun Hill shows you how to Master Amazon and YouTube

Episode 060 – Music – Izabela and Mike Russell – Co-Founders of the European Podcasting Conference talk about UKPOD14 and Adobe Audition

Episode 059 – Courses – How to Make Good Courses and How to Find Them

Episode 058 – Photography – Charlie Borland shares his passion and great experience of Photography

Episode 057 – Programming – Huw Collingborne shares his Programming Expertise through his Online Courses

Episode 056 – Programming – John Bura – Owner of Mamouth Interactive on Web Development

Episode 055 – Coaching – Jordan Mercedes, Author and Creator of RePurpose Work on How to Use Old Skills to Create New Work

Episode 054 – Yoga – Colette Barry, Founder of Wall Yoga and The Barry Method on the benefits of Yoga

Episode 053 – Web Development – Victor Bastos on How to Become a Web Developer from Scratch

Episode 052 – Food – Michelle E. Johnson – on How to Make Cooking Videos

Episode 051 – Photography – Chet Davis – “Your Tech Tutor”, on Mastering iPhone Photography Secrets

Episode050 – Communication – Alexa Fischer, Founder and Chief Communicator, on How to Create a 1000 Watt Presence

Episode 049 – Marketing – Loribeth Pierson, Digital Marketing Strategist, on The Magic of Linkedin

Episode 047 – Wellness – Lynn Dorman PhD, Entrepreneur, on How to Stop Stressing about Stress

Episode 046 – Wellness – Kimberly Taylor, Author and Wellness Coach, on How to Stop Binge Eating

Episode 045 – WordPress – Steven van der Peijl, Micropreneur and WordPress Expert, on Creating your own WordPress Site

Episode 044 – Education- Shayla Price, Advocate for College Affordability, on how to Win Scholarships and Free Money

Episode 043 – Marketing – Mike Fishbein, Udemy Instructor and Entrepreneur, on Customer Development for Entrepreneurs

Special Episode: Zeev Glozman, Founder of LFE.com, on Online Learning Marketplaces and the role of LFE

Episode 042 – Social Media – Chris Wilkey, Social Media Expert and Disc Jockey, on Facebook Analytics

Episode 041 – Marketing -Frank Felker, Entrepreneurial Educator on How to Build a Customer Factory for Small Business

Episode 040 – Programming – Justin Mitchel, Entrepreneur and Expert Coder on his passion for teaching Coding to Entrepreneurs

Episode 039 – Languages – Sunny Suphot, Language Teacher, on teaching Thai and German Languages

Episode 038 – Body Language – Vanessa van Edwards on reading Body Language

Episode 037 – Mind Mastery – Tom Cassidy, Leading Online Learning Educator, Shares his Everyday Mind Mastery

Episode 036 – Negotiation – Jim Hopkinson, Author and Teacher on Salary Negotiation

Episode 035 – Music -David Brogan, Music Teach and Musician, on teaching the Piano through Online Courses

Episode 034 – Education – 2014 Online Learning Podcast Calendar

Episode 033 – Entrepreneurship Mario Schulzke Founder of Idea Mensch, talks about Entrepreneurs and Inspiration

Episode 032 – Programming – Richard Stibbard, Freelance Developer and Experienced Online Educator

Episode 031 – Programming – Pablo Farias Navarro, Web Developer on Coding for Kids

Episode 030 – Creative Writing – Steve Alcorn, Theme Park Design and Author on Novel Writing

Episode 029 – Education – Aneri Shah, Community Manager at Skillfeed

Episode 028 – Photography – Photography Special 12 of the Best Online Photography Courses

Episode 027 – Entrepreneurship – Jeet Banerjee, Successful Serial Entrepreneur

Black Friday Special Edition – Over 60 Udemy Courses at amazing Discounts between 60% and 100%

Episode 026 – Course Creation -Montina Young Portis, Sparkwisdom and Video Marketer

Episode 025 – Marketing – Chamira Young, Course Creator and Productivity Fanatic

Episode 024 – Social Media -Deltina Hay, New Media Expert, on Social Media Essentials

Episode 023 – Affiliate Marketing -Lucian Mihailescu, Affiliate Marketer, on Course Promotion Secrets

Episode 022 – Software Training -Mel Aclaro, Screencasting Wizard, on Screenflow

Episode 021 – Programming -John Purcell, Software Developer, on Java Programming

Episode 020 – Programming -Hitesh Choudhary, Information Security Expert on Penetration Testing

Episode 019 – Veterans -Veteran’s Special Edition for Veterans Day 11th November 2013

Episode 018 – Marketing – Robert Craven, The Entrepreneurship Guru on Bright Marketing

Episode 017 – Entrepreneurship -Wendy Mayhew, Entrepreneur on Real World Entrepreneur Training

Episode 016 – Productivity -Barry Mapp, Personal Development Expert on Effective Mind Mapping

Episode 015 – Strategy – Daniel Strongin, The UnCorporate Consultant, on Understanding Your Business

Episode 014 – Course Creation – Course Creators’ Special Episode

Episode 013 – Adobe -Martin Perhiniak, Adobe Expert on Essential Skills for Designers

Episode 012 – SEO -Len Smith, Communications Expert on Google Boosting your Startup

Episode 011 – Graphic Design -Tara Roskell, Graphic Designer on Logo Design

Episode 010 –  Marketing -Ian Cleary, RazorSocial Founder on Online Marketing Tools

Episode 009 – eBooks – Cathy Presland, eBook Expert on Kindle Publishing

Episode 008 – Marketing -Debbie LaChusa, The Business Stylist on Marketing Yourself

Episode 007 – Productivity – Dr Deborah Mayhew, User Experience Expert on Designing for Productivity

Episode 006 – Video -Jules Watkins, iPhone Video Expert on Video Creation and Screenflow

Episode 005 – Adobe – Phil Ebiner, Adobe Expert on Lightroom 5

Episode 004 – SAP – Pete Moxon, SAP Expert on SAP ABAP Programming

Episode 003 – Web Design – Rob Cubbon, Web Designer on Running a Web Business

Episode 002 – Productivity – An Interview with Business and Personal Effectiveness Architect, Gerry Kirk

Episode 001 –An introduction from me telling you what you will be able to expect from the Online Learning Podcast

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    I’m just new to Udemy and I have just produced and published my first course. I have written courses for digital learning tree which is currently a top seller with the University of North Dakota. This course enables teachers to receive university credit.

    My Udemy Course is ’10 Fantastic, must have apps for the Classroom’ – are you interested in interviewing me for your program? I noticed you don’t have much in the way of education.

    Anyway I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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