I spend a considerable amount of time reading business books and benefit a great deal from their content.  I have now reorganised my website to cover the six main headings in shown in the diagram above.  The listing of new books is now very simple and straightforward which should make updating faster and easier.  So far I have three of the six segments up and will add to these over the coming weeks.

I would be really interested to know which books you recommend so please leave a comment or email me.

The Six Segments are

1. Corporate Strategy – this will cover all aspects of corporate strategy from theory, through case studies and historiograhies. I find these books interesting structural material to use when faced with real life examples.

2. Social Media – there are so many aspects to social media that the ecosystem takes some real work to understand it.  Many of the books in this segment address specific parts of Social Media, Search or Google for example.  This is one of the hottest areas for business publishing at the moment.







Social Media


Web Design

3. Biographies – I find biographies absolutely compelling.  I have read about half a dozen books on Warren Buffett alone and I still can’t invest like he can.  Still there are great lessons out there and a lot to learn from a well crafted biography.

4. How to… Yes I need these too!  I am currently working with two WordPress books at the moment as you may surmise from my new website.  There are lots of other fantastic areas covered and I will build the hexagon structure to make these easy to find.




5. Leadership – As a Graduate of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst – the equivalent to West Point here in the UK – I have done some considerable reading on military leadership.  Business leadership is just as critical and I believe the trick here is to try to take individual tricks and tips rather than to try to become another Jack Welch.

The Expert Success Formula by Daniel Wagner.

Check out my Blog post –3 Steps to becoming an Expert – The Expert Success Formula – here

6. Entrepreneurs – this covers everything to do with starting and growing companies.  I have been involved in two financial services business as well as my own private company and there is a lot to learn. Thank heavens some of these authors have shared their knowledge and experience with us.

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I would be delighted to receive ideas and recommendations for further reading from you.

Please feel free to email or comment.

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